Favored Soul (D&D class)

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Divince spellcaster class from Complete Divine. Spontaneous spellcaster that uses the cleric list.


Favored Souls use Charisma as their sole spellcasting attribue. Ignore all references to Wisdom in the spellcasting section.

Favored Souls select two domains from those available to their faith, just as clerics do. They do not get any extra spell slots for domain spells, instead all domain spells are automatically added to their list of spells known. A Favored Soul with the War domain gains Greater Weapon Focus in the patron's favored weapon at level 3, ignoring the normal prerequisites.

Favored Souls turn or rebuke undead like Clerics do.

Favored Souls start with proficiency in light, medium, and heavy armor, shields, all simple weapons, and their their deity's favored weapon.


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