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This is an original Fighter subclass for 5A

An escort is the companion and guardian of another character. Some escorts serve an individual, family, or organization, while others are bodyguards for hire or knights errant who attach themselves to one individual at a time. Others may work as a batman, bodyguard, coachman, footman, muscle, or as a career squire who does not aspire to knighthood.

Greyhawk Escorts and bodyguards exist in almost all cultures. Escorts for hire are common in cosmopolitan cities. Among dwarfs and beastfolk, a young person whose life was saved might become a lifelong escort for their saviour. Elves are usually too independent-minded to become escorts, making the few who accept the role even more valuable.

Subclass Abilities


When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with land vehicles and cook’s utensils. You can don armor and help others don armor in half the normal time.

Escort a Ward

At 3rd level after a long rest when you do not have a ward, you select a willing creature within 30 feet to be your ward. Either of you can break this relationship when you begin a long or short rest. While within 5 ft. of your ward, you and your ward both gain a +2 bonus on saving throws.

Ever-present Escort

Starting at 7th level, you are able to be very unobtrusive when acting discreetly within 30 ft. of your ward. You are able to use Stealth to hide against creatures of the Humanoid type even when you don't have cover or concealment. You cannot use this ability against a humanoid creature hostile to you or your ward or to creatures who are not humanoids.

To the Rescue

Starting at 7th level, you have learned ways to protect your ward. When your ward is attacked or has to make a saving throw, you can use a reaction to move your speed as long as you end your movement within 5 feet of your ward. You can only use this if your speed (or the speed of your vehicle or mount) is sufficient to move adjacent to your ward. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If your speed allows you to move into your ward's space, you can do so and move your ward 5 feet to make space for you.

The attack or effect that requires a saving throw then targets you, even if it could not reach you where you are now. If the triggering creature can make more than one attack, they must all target you.

Pre-emptive Escort

At 10th level, when you use To the Rescue, you can also make a weapon attack at the creature that attacked your ward or forced your ward to make a saving throw, assuming they are within reach or range. This attack happens before their action.

Ward Exemplar

At 15th level, when you Escort a Ward, you gain strength from the relation. If your ward is proficient with saving throws for a certain ability, you become proficient with saving throws for that ability as long as they remain your ward.

Ward the Camp

At 18th level, your discretion becomes legendary. You you can cast Nondetection without a material component, but you can only target yourself and your ward. You can also cast Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum as a ritual by inspecting and cleaning the area to be protected. You can end either effect as an action. Though these function as magical spells, they are actually effects of your labor, and you have no limit on how often you can use these abilities.

See Also

  • Valet, a similar rogue archetype.

Designer's Notes

A militarized Valet, the Escort is less servile bust still focused on serving another.

The +2 bonus at level 3 is perhaps a bit too strong, but I detest +1 bonuses.