Dodge Order (Action Powers)

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You discipline yourself to overcome adversity and maintain your resolve; you will not waver. Any stunt that fails to cause a setback does not affect you at all. You never fumble.

Harmony of Body


You may substitute your Mind for your Body and Toughness when soaking the damage of Melee attacks.

Home Ground

Limit Break

You bless a place and the people therein, giving them the benefits of Discipline. You must genuinely believe these people have a right to this place. As long as they are on Home Ground, they remain blessed, and so is anyone else who they accept as a part of their group. They can temporarily leave the area and still get the bonus when they return. If they all desert the place the power ends.

Law of Averages


When you or another creature that directs an action at you roll a die roll of ±0, you can focus. The GM might disallow this if you abuse it by making die rolls for meaningless actions. You can reroll the dice after you've focused, for example by using Fortune, and the focus is still valid.