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Action and motivation need not cease with death. Characters can use the powers of the dead, learn their secrets, and even reanimate them as undead.

Alternate Names: Necromancy.


Creature : Undead
Skill : Know
Attribute : Body
Sense : Second Sight
Mood : Morose
Blast: Infection

Death Cantrips

Basic Action

You can tell when and how a creature died by touch. You do not learn details, only general information such as if the creature died by violence or disease. You can read the emotional state a creature died in if it died no more than a Mind roll hours ago. You can cause corpses to move depending on its size; a dead insect can move around freely, a dead human only twitch slightly or slowly move a body part, such as a hand. You can temporarily render a creature or plant infertile. You can make dead tissue glow, using such remains for illumination, this includes the nails and hair of living creatures. You can chill dead flesh a few degrees and prevent decay by killing microbes, fungi and other reducers.