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Darkness is associated with our shadow selves, base drives, primal instinct, evil, and the subconscious. In physics, darkness is merely the absence of light, and many claim that spiritual evil and darkness is the absence of enlightenment and control. Darkness powers deal with moral and physical darkness, base carnality, indulgence, and deception.

Alternate Names: Black Magic, Infernalism, Obscuration.


Creature : Devils
Skill : Recon
Attribute : Body
Sense : Hearing
Mood : Selfish, deceptive, covert.
Blast: Enervation

Dark Cantrips

Basic Action

You can create small blobs of free-floating darkness, similar to puffs of dark smoke but wholly insubstantial. You can darken the color of objects and deepen areas of shadow. You can create shifting patterns in shadows and darkness, giving the illusion of movement or faint light. These effects are limited to one cubic meter of space.