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This is a Fighter subclass for 5A

Not all fighters prefer heavy weapons and armor. A daredevil challenges their foes with light weapons like rapiers and many even eschew armor.

Greyhawk A new type of warrior is starting to appear, first in mercenary circles in the City of Greyhawk, but gradually spreading over the subcontinent. The daredevil is often a nobleman or adventurer, someone who's need to fight pops up suddenly with no chance to arm properly.

Subclass Features

Grace and Style

Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with two of the following: Athletics, Acrobatics, Deceit, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, any one musical instrument, all gaming sets, all firearms.

Flashing Blade

At 3rd level you learn how to defend yourself with a blade alone.

  • While you are wearing no armor, you can add +3 to your your Armor Class.
  • While you are wearing light armor, you can add +2 to your your Armor Class.
  • When not wielding a shield and armed with a single melee weapon that lacks the two-handed or versatile properties, you gain a +1 bonus to armor class. You can hold something in the other hand, such as a firearm, as long as you do not use this object as a melee weapon or shield.

When using the Martial Arts Defense rules, the bonus from Flashing Blade is based on the proficiency you base your martial arts on. For example, if you use the light armor and shield benefits of a style of martial arts, you count as using light armor and a shield to see what benefits you gain from Flashing Blade. Armor counts as light armor for this ability.

Aggressive Defense

At 3rd level you can create an attack out of your defense. When you are armed with a melee weapon and hit or missed by an attack from a creature in your reach, you can use a reaction to make an attack with a melee weapon against the attacker. If the result of your attack roll is higher than your own Armor Class, your roll also becomes your armor class against the triggering attack, possibly making the triggering attack miss.

Cunning Attack

Beginning at 7th level, when you use your action to take the Dodge action, you may make a single weapon attack as part of that action. This counts as taking the Attack action, but limited to a single attack.

At 20th level, you can make two weapon attacks as a part of a Dodge action.

Gentle Grip

At 7th level you gain several abilities.

  • You cannot be disarmed or forced to drop a weapon or other hand-held object; you keep the object in hand until you deliberately release it.
  • You can pick up a Tiny object from the ground within your reach without spending an action.
  • At the start of your turn you can draw and stow any number of weapons without spending any action.
  • You ignore the loading property of weapons.


At 10th level you can challenge an opponent, focusing your attacks on them but also opening yourself up to counterattacks. When you make your first attack on your turn, you can decide to face-off against a specific opponent. Doing so gives you advantage on weapon attack rolls against that opponent, but that opponent gains advantage on all attack rolls against you. Both effects last until the beginning of your next turn. You cannot use Face-off and Cunning Attack on the same turn.


At 15th level, any melee weapon you wield gains the reach property.

Hot Pursuit

At 18th level, when an opponent moves out of your reach, you can move 5 feet to pursue the opponent. This does not require any action but prevents you from taking an attack of opportunity. Neither does you movement trigger attacks of opportunity. You can do this again and again and even against several different opponents in a round, but your total movement using this ability in one round cannot exceed your speed. At the start of your turn your ability to pursue resets and you can again move up to your speed using this ability.

Designer's Notes

A first attempt at a swashbuckling fighter. It is a bit of a mess with many minor abilities and abilities that are exclusive.