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This is an Artificer Specialization for 5A.

All conveyances are vehicles, but not all vehicles are conveyances — Marvelous Marv, Conveyor.

Conveyors build conveyances, vehicles that can transport the artificer and passengers. This conveyance can be used for travel, exploration, and combat. Always exotic, such vehicles are unique sights that draw attention wherever they appear.

Greyhawk: Vehicles in use in the Flanaess is almost universally powered by draft animals, rowers, or the wind, but conveyors can build vehicles centuries ahead of their time. The central region around Greyhawk and the Ulek states and the city of Irongate are the likeliest place to find them.

Source: Original.

Subclass Features


When you adopt this specialization at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with carpenter's tools. If you already have this proficiency, you gain proficiency with one other type of artisan's tools of your choice. You also gain proficiency with one type of vehicles: land vehicles, water vehicles, or air vehicles.

At 5th level, 9th level, and 15th level you gain proficiency in one set of artisan's tools or one type of vehicle of your choice.

Conveyor Spells

Starting at 3rd level, you always have certain spells prepared after you reach particular levels in this class, as shown in the Conveyor Spells table. These spells count as artificer spells for you, but they don’t count against the number of artificer spells you prepare.

Conveyor Spells
Artificer Level Conveyor Spells
3 Tenser's Floating Disc, Zephyr Strike
5 Dragon's Breath, Gust of Wind
9 Daylight, Thunder Step
13 Arcane Eye, Control Water
17 Control Winds, Telekinesis

Personal Conveyance

At 3rd level you can construct a Personal Conveyance. This is a Medium-sized vehicle that you can ride, but which cannot carry passengers. Any conveyance you construct using the Personal Conveyance or Passenger Conveyance abilities counts as an unintelligent mount, and it can take no actions unless you are riding it. It takes a bonus action to mount or dismount from a personal Conveyance. You can spend actions normally to use the conveyance's abilities, including movement and any attacks the conveyance is capable of. Any artificer spells you cast on yourself also affects a conveyance as long as you are riding it. If this causes the conveyance to move, you and passengers move along with it, but passengers are otherwise not affected by spells you cast at yourself or your conveyance. When you use a conveyance's weapons to attack, you can use your spell attack bonus for attack rolls and Intelligence bonus for damage rolls, but others using a conveyance's weapons use the normal ability scores and proficiencies. All weapons mounted on a conveyance are simple weapons.

If the Mending spell is cast on your conveyance, it regains 2d6 hit points. As a part of a long or short rest you can use your carpenter's tools to revive a conveyance, provided you are within 5 feet of it and you expend a spell slot of 1st level or higher. The conveyance is restored at the end of the rest with all its hit points recovered.

Basic Type

When you gain this ability, you must decide to create a land vehicle or a water vehicle. If you are level 9 and take the Flier modification you can give your conveyance the air vehicle basic type. Note that there is no modification that adds the air type to a vehicle; in order to fly the vehicle must have the air vehicle basic type. You can only create conveyance of a type you are proficient at piloting. There are modifications (see below) that add a second or third type to your conveyance. This gives additional modes of movement and can serve as prerequisites for other modifications, but does not change the vehicles basic type. You can change the base type of a vehicle at the end of a long rest at the same time you pick modifications.

Stat Block

Your proficiency bonus (PB) and your level appears in several places in the stat block.

Medium construct

Armor Class: 12 + PB (natural armor)
Hit Points: 6 times your level (Hit Dice [d8s] equal to your level)
Speed: land [land type], fly (hover) [air type], or swim [water type] 20 feet, plus 10 feet times your PB.
STR 10 +2xPB (+PB) DEX 1 (-5) CON 14 (+2) INT 0 (−5) WIS 0 (-5) CHA 14 (+2)
Saving Throws: Con +2 plus PB
Damage Immunities: poison, psychic
Condition Immunities: blinded, charmed, deafened, exhaustion, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned, unconscious.
Senses: none
Languages: none
Proficiency Bonus (PB): equals your bonus
Mount. The conveyance can serve as a mount. Only you can ride it, and you can do so as long as your size is not larger than that of the conveyance. If you are not riding it, the conveyance is an unattended object.
Piloted. When piloting a conveyance, you can use your Intelligence (Vehicle Proficiency) bonus when the conveyance needs to do a Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check.
Machine. A conveyance lacks Intelligence and Wisdom scores, is immune to any effect that allows an Intelligence or Wisdom save, and automatically fails any Intelligence or Wisdom check.
Out of Tune. The conveyance cannot attune to magic items.
Compact: The conveyance cannot squeeze.

Simple Modification

Starting at 3rd level, you can apply a single Simple Modification modification to your Personal Conveyance. You can change all modifications at the end of a long rest.

A full list of Modifications is provided below.

Passenger Conveyance

By 5th level, you have completed a passenger conveyance, a vehicle you can use to transport yourself and allies. It is created using the Personal Conveyance rules and has the same number of modifications as your Personal Conveyance. The Passenger Conveyance gains the Large modification for free and it can be made even larger by applying modifications that increase size even further. It can have up to two Constraints that limits its abilities, this allows you to pick an additional Modification for each constraint you accepted.

As a bonus action you can load or unload your Personal Conveyance into your Passenger Conveyance and change from piloting one to the other, as long as both are within 5 feet. Carrying the Personal Conveyance does not count against the passenger or cargo limitations of the Passenger Conveyance.

Intermediary Modifications

At 5th level, you can apply a total of two simple or intermediary modifications each to your Personal Conveyance and Passenger Conveyance.


At 5th level you can choose to add up to two constraints to your Passenger Conveyance. Your Personal Conveyance can never have any constraints. Constraints are disadvantages that limits of hinders your conveyance's performance. Each constraint allows you to add one additional modification. A full list of Constraints is provided below.

Advanced Modifications

At 9th level, you can apply a three modifications each to your Personal Conveyance and Passenger Conveyance, and the modifications can be those listed under Simple Modifications, Intermediary Modifications, or Advanced Modifications in any combination.

Exceptional Modifications

At 15th level, you can apply a four modifications each to your Personal Conveyance and Passenger Conveyance, and the modifications can be those listed under Simple, Intermediate, Advanced, or Exceptional Modifications.

Modifications & Constraints

The following modifications and constraints can be installed in a conveyance.

Certain modifications and constraints (see below) have prerequisites that either you or the conveyance must fulfill to take that modification or constraint. An assistant can help you create a modification by providing skill and artisan's tool proficiency prerequisites.

Unless explicitly noted, a modification can only be applied once to each conveyance.

Simple Modifications

Available from level three, these modifications are common.

Accommodations Prerequisite: Level 3. You and passengers can sleep inside the conveyance during long and short rests. The conveyance offers only the protection it normally does.

Amphibian Prerequisite: Level 3, proficiency with water vehicles. Your conveyance gains the water vehicle type in addition to any other types it already has. When piloted in water you use your proficiency in water vehicles. This does not allow the conveyance to dive.

Camouflaged Prerequisite: Level 3, proficiency with painter's supplies. You can use Intelligence (Vehicle Proficiency) as if it was Dexterity (Stealth) for the conveyance. The conveyance needs cover or concealment according to the normal Stealth rules, which can be hard to find for large conveyances. Alternatively the conveyance can hide in the open, but must remain motionless to do so.

Ironclad Prerequisite: Level 9, proficiency with smith's tools. Your conveyance gains resistance to all damage. Travelers do not gain this resistance.

Melee Attack Prerequisite: Level 3. The conveyance gains a melee attack you (not other travelers) can use by taking the attack action. You cannot make attacks of opportunity with this weapon.

If the conveyance is Medium-sized, this weapon does 1d10 force damage and has a reach of 10 feet.
If the conveyance is Large, this weapon does 2d10 force damage and has a reach of 10 feet.
If the conveyance is Huge, this weapon does 3d10 force damage and has a reach of 15 feet.
If the conveyance is Gargantuan, this weapon does 4d10 force damage and has a reach of 20 feet.

At artificer level 9, add 1d10 to the damage of this melee attack.

Racing Prerequisite: Level 3. Increase the speed of the conveyance by 20 feet.

Ranged Weapons Prerequisite: Level 3. The conveyance has one or more ranged weapons you and each passenger can use by taking the Attack action. On your turn, when you (not another traveler) ride the conveyance and move at least 20 feet straight towards a potential target, you can attack that target as a bonus action, ignoring the loading property of the weapon.

If the conveyance is Medium-sized, do 1d8 force damage with a range of 60/120 and the loading property
If the conveyance is Large, this weapon does 2d8 force damage with a range of 50/150 and the loading property.
If the conveyance is Huge, this weapon does 3d8 force damage with a range of 70/210 and the loading property.
If the conveyance is Gargantuan, this weapon does 4d8 force damage with a range of 90/270 and the loading property.

At artificer level 9, add 1d8 to the damage of all of these attacks.

Walker Prerequisite: Level 3, proficiency with land vehicles. Your conveyance gains the land vehicle type in addition to any other types it already has. When driven on land it uses proficiency with land vehicles.

Intermediary Modifications

Available from level five, these modifications are perhaps the most useful.

Arms Prerequisite: Level 5, Personal Conveyance. Your Personal Conveyance gains two arms that allows it to to manipulate objects and wield weapons. It can use any weapon you are proficient with. It can also use a shield to protect itself. You can use two-weapon fighting with a conveyance that is appropriately armed.

Calliope Prerequisite: Level 5, proficiency with a keyboard instrument. The conveyance has an integral musical instrument. Conveyances with a calliope often look spectacular, with a sculpted and sometimes a glockenspiel animated facade being optional. The instrument can be heard loud and clear up to 100 feet away. A calliope on a Large conveyance can be head clearly to 200 feet, a Huge conveyance to 400 feet, and a Gargantuan conveyance to 800 feet. Any traveler can use this to project music or their voice out to this range. You can speak and to a certain point in this range and listen to replies, as the Message spell out to this range.

Climber Prerequisite: Level 5, land speed. The conveyance has a climb speed equal to its land speed. If you are 15th level, it also gains spider climb.

Huge Prerequisite: Level 5, Passenger Conceyance Your becomes Huge and has a space of 15 feet times 15 feet. Reduce the speed of the conveyance by 20 feet. The conveyance has d12 hit dice and 8 hit points for each level you have. It can carry eight passengers in addition to you. A Passenger Conveyance can only have one size-altering modification.

Jumper Prerequisite: Level 5. Your conveyance can move overland by jumping. Each jump can be up to the conveyance's speed in length and half that in height. This allows the conveyance to ignore difficult terrain.

Large Prerequisite: Level 5, Passenger Conveyance Your conveyance becomes Large and has a space of 10 feet times 10 feet. Reduce the speed of the conveyance by 10 feet. The conveyance has d10 hit dice and 7 hit points for each level you have. It can carry three Medium sized or smaller passengers in addition to you.

A Passenger Conveyance gains this modification for free. A Passenger Conveyance can only have one size-altering modification, if you pick another you lose this one.

Submersible Prerequisite: Level 5, water vehicle type, proficiency with alchemist's supplies. The conveyance can move underwater and provides breathable air for travelers.

Windows Prerequisite: Level 5, proficiency with glassblower's tools. The conveyance has windows that allows travelers to see out but prevents those outside from looking in. Travelers cannot be targeted by spells that require a visible target. As soon as the conveyance has taken any hit point damage (not counting temporary Hit Points), windows cease to work.

Advanced Modifications

Available from level 9, advanced modifications are less common and more specialized.

Energy Projectors Prerequisite: Level 9, proficiency with alchemist's supplies. As a Use and Object action, a traveler can project a 20 foot cone of harmful energy, doing 4d6 acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison damage, as decided when the modification is installed. A Dexterity saving throw against your spell DC halves this damage. At level 15 this creates a 50 ft. cone that does 8d6 damage. Add necrotic, radiant, and thunder to the types of damage you can choose to inflict.

Environmental Protection Prerequisite: Level 9. The conveyance protects its travelers from environmental dangers, providing resistance to acid, cold, fire, and thunder damage. Travelers do not risk drowning if the conveyance goes underwater and are immune to vacuum. The conveyance does not gain these resistances, only the travelers it carries do.

Flier Prerequisite: Level 9, proficiency with air vehicles. The conveyance has the air vehicle basic type. Note that there is no modification that add flight to a conveyance, if you want your conveyance to fly you must take this modification and the air vehicle basic type. You can then add other modes of movement to this air vehicle.

Folding Prerequisite: Level 9. As an action when the conveyance is empty and within 5 feet of you, you can fold it up into a 5 inch replica of itself. You can unfold the folded conveyance into its normal size as an action, provided there is room for it to form fully from a spot within 5 feet.

Gargantuan Prerequisite: Level 9. Your Passenger Conveyance becomes Gargantuan and has a space of 20 feet times 20 feet. Reduce the speed of the conveyance by 30 feet. It has d20 hit dice and gains 12 hit points for each level you have. It can carry fifteen passengers in addition to you. A Passenger Conveyance can only have one size-altering modification.

Optics Prerequisite: Level 9, proficiency with glassblower's tools. The conveyance carries telescopes and other optics that allows travelers to see clearly at long distances and removes the disadvantage for firing ranged weapons at long range.

Shielded Prerequisite: Level 9, proficiency with smith's tools. The conveyance is durable and gains a number of temporary hit points equal to its maximum number of hit points. As long as your conveyance has any of these temporary hit points, you and all travelers in the conveyance have three-quarters cover from all attacks (+4 to AC and Dexterity saves), but any attack directed at a traveler that misses automatically hits the conveyance.

Transformation Prerequisite: Level 9. As an action the conveyance can transform into another conveyance, built using the standard rules. It is of the same type (Personal or Passenger). The new conveyance keeps any damage and effects the old conveyance had. The configuration of the new form must be decided when this modification is installed. If the second form also has the transformer modification, it can only use this to transform back into the initial form, allowing two-way transformation.

Exceptional Modifications

The mark of inventive genius, exceptional modifications are rare and wonderful and only become available at level 15.

Burrower Prerequisite: Level 15, proficiency with mason's tools. The conveyance has a burrowing speed equal to half its normal speed. It can travel through sand, earth, mud, brick, or ice but not rock or masonry.

Crystal Windows Prerequisite: Level 15, proficiency with jeweler's tools. The conveyance has crystal windows that allows travelers to see out but prevents those outside from looking in. Travelers cannot be targeted by spells that require a visible target. Unlike normal windows, these are only destroyed once the conveyance is destroyed.

Intelligence Prerequisite: Level 15. The conveyance can move and act as if you were riding it even when you are not. It takes its turn immediately before yours. It uses your Proficiency Bonus (with no added ability modifier) for attacks, saves, and ability checks. It loses its Machine ability.

Mighty Arms. Prerequisite: Level 15 Allows your Passenger Conveyance to have arms. You and only you can use these like the Arms modification, but on a larger scale. A Large conveyance does twice the dice of damage of the same type the weapon already inflicts and has a reach of 10 feet. A Huge conveyance does three times weapon damage dice and has a reach of 15 feet, and a Gargantuan conveyance does four times the normal damage dice of the weapon and has a reach of 20 feet. If a weapon used has the reach property, add 5 feet to the reach.

Resurgence Prerequisite: Level 15. When the conveyance is destroyed, it restores itself and returns at the end of your next turn. If the conveyance has the Transformation ability, it can use that as a part of its resurgence. A conveyance can only use resurgence once, regaining the ability at the end of a long rest.

Teleportation Prerequisite: Level 15, proficiency with mapmaker's or navigator's tools.. As an action, the conveyance can cast Dimension Door, affecting itself and its travelers. Once per day, the conveyance can cast Teleport. This requires the conveyance to spend an action to activate the power and then concentrate for one round, teleporting at the start of your next turn.


Constraints limit a conveyance in some way, but also gives character and identity. They are available at level 5. Your Passenger Conveyance can have up to two constraints, but your Personal Conveyance cannot have any.

Crewed The conveyances requires a number of crew equal to half its maximum number of passengers to move depending on its size: Medium: 1. Large: 2. Huge: 3. Gargantuan: 4. You can function as crew. Example crew are rowers, stokers, or engineers. Each member of the crew must spend an action each round crewing the conveyance. If the number of crew who spent actions during the last round drops below half the requirement (round the requirement up), halve the conveyance's speed. If no crew remains, the conveyance's speed becomes 5 feet. When travelling, the conveyance can operate at half its crew, but doing so for more than four hours imposes a level of exhaustion on the crew.

You can take the Huge or Large modifications for free. At level 9, you can take the Gargantuan modification for free.

Fuel Prerequisite: proficiency with alchemist's tools. The conveyance requires fuel to operate at peak efficiency. This is often a combustible such as alcohol, oil, coal or charcoal but might be feed for herbivore pullers (carnivores only require a small amount of food) or exotic things like magical crystals or the life energy of sacrifice victims. This fuel is available at your home base and can be created using alchemist's supplies. It might be available in other settlements at the GM's discretion. The cost to refuel and maximum fuel capacity of your conveyance depends on it's size: Medium 1 sp for 24 hours. Large 2 sp for 24 hours. Huge 5 gp for 1 week. Gargantuan 25 gp for 1 month. The cost is insignificant and can generally be ignored but is given for completeness. A Large or larger conveyance can carry up to to two extra loads of fuel, each taking up half the conveyances cargo space. An extra load of fuel for a Medium vehicle weighs 20 lbs.

Glider Prerequisite: air vehicle type. The conveyance needs to maintain speed in order to fly. It loses the ability to hover and stalls if it does not move at least 5 feet on your turn, losing 1d10 times 10 feet of altitude. If it reaches the ground, this is considered a fall.

Lemon There is a constant risk that something fail, providing the GM with an endless source of minor annoyances to throw at you out of combat. In combat roll 1d20 at the start of each of your turns to see if there is some kind of system failure. Effects last until the start of your next turn.

  1. The conveyance's speed is halved.
  2. The conveyance gains the Slow Turn constraint
  3. or more, no effect
Number Conveyance Size Draft Creature Size
1 Medium Medium
4 Large Large
9 Huge Huge
16 Gargantuan Gargantuan

Pulled Prerequisite: Animal Handling. Your conveyance is pulled by creatures you must provide, usually animals. A single creature of the same size as the conveyance or a number of smaller creatures are required to pull it. The number of Medium creatures required to draw the conveyance depends on its size, as given in the draft table. A creature that is larger than Medium in size counts as more than one creature, given in the draft table.

All pullers must spend an action each round to pull and the conveyance cannot move faster than the slowest creature pulling it. Each puller must have the appropriate type of speed; land, swim, or fly. For simplicity's sake, pullers are included in the conveyance's space and are targeted as if they were passengers.

You can take the Huge or Large modifications for free. At level 9, you can take the Gargantuan modification for free.

Rigging The conveyance has masts, wheelhouses, an envelope, or other protrusions that hinders its movement in constrained areas. It can only pass through an opening if that opening is at least three times as wide and high as the conveyance's space.

Road-bound Prerequisites: land type. The conveyance is built to run fast on roads. On a turn when the conveyance is using its entire land speed on a good road or similar hard, flat terrain, the conveyance's speed is increased by 30 feet. It moves normally in terrain that is neither difficult ground nor particularly flat. Difficult ground has increased effect, requiring 15 feet of movement for each 5 feet moved. Terrain worse than normal difficult ground is impassible. The conveyance cannot climb or swim unless it has a climb or swim speed.

A variant of this is an arctic conveyance, made to run on ice and snow. It ignores difficult terrain caused by slippery ice or deep snow and counts flat or downslope ice or snow as a road.

Sailed The conveyance uses sails to move. Its speed is reduced to 5 ft. in a dead calm, which is almost always in a dungeon or indoors. When there is a wind the conveyance cannot move directly into the wind (one of the eight cardinal directions on a grid). It can zigzag to indirectly move in the prohibited direction. Combine this with Slow Turn below for a true sailing experience.

Slow Turn The conveyance cannot turn while moving and must move along one of the eight cardinal directions of the grid. Its heading is not recorded from round to round, it can move in a different direction on each of your turns.

Vehicle Rules

Conveyances and personal vehicles are mounts and act and move like other creatures and do not really need any additional rules, but there are certain corner cases that can use an explanation.

Appearance and Construction

About appearance, only weight has any game effect, the rest of this section is entirely cosmetic. Just like creatures, vehicles are not actually cubes, this is an abstraction for use in play. Like larger creatures, a vehicle is not entirely within its space. A vehicle is generally oblong, with a width less than its space and two to three times that long. Its means of propulsion is generally obvious, with air conveyances having a balloon, wings, or some kind of rotor or exhaust, water conveyances having an obvious hull, and land conveyances having wheels, threads, or legs. Modifications and constraints are also obvious.

Beyond this, a conveyance can look however you like. The shapes of creatures are popular, as are ship, barrel, and box-like designs. Some look like scaled-up objects or small buildings. To imagine the size of conveyances, a Medium conveyance is about as big as a motorcycle, a Large conveyance like a car, a Huge conveyance is comparable to a truck, and a Gargantuan conveyance comparable to a large tank, prairie schooner, or long haul truck.

All vehicles have a weight depending on their size, simplified as follows. Medium conveyances weigh 200 lbs, Large conveyances 800 lbs, Huge conveyances 3,000 lbs, and Gargantuan conveyances weigh 12,000 lbs.


A traveler (you or a passenger) is anyone riding a vehicle or who you allow aboard a conveyance. Travelers do not trigger attacks of opportunity when the conveyance moves, only the conveyance does. A traveler can spend half their movement to mount or dismount the conveyance in any space within 5 feet. A hostile creature is not considered a traveler and must use Dexterity (Acrobatics) to Climb A Larger Creature in order to hitch a ride.

Rider The rider is you, the conveyor artificer who built and drives the conveyance. Anyone can be the rider of a mundane vehicle.

Passenger A passenger is a creature riding on the outside of the conveyance, usually on top of it. Large and larger vehicles can carry passengers. Passengers cannot control vehicle and simply move along as it moves, but they can use any ranged weapons the vehicle carries. Passengers can take actions, and are considered to occupy the entire space of the conveyance for the purpose of targeting.

Traveler Size Travelers are normally Small or Medium in size. A Tiny creature does not count against the passenger limit unless there are lots of them (GM's discretion). It can still be a passenger and act as a traveler. A Large creature counts as four travelers. A Huge creature counts as nine travelers.


A traveler can take what they can carry aboard a conveyance. In addition to passengers, a Large or larger vehicle can carry cargo of 500 pounds per passenger it is capable of carrying. A passenger can be replaced with an additional 250 pounds of cargo.

Stowage Creatures carried as cargo are said to be in stowage. A creature in stowage is riding inside the conveyance, unable to interact with anyone but the conveyance itself and other creatures in stowage. Creatures can be carried in the cargo hold, each taking up 250 lbs each (apply Traveler Size above for creatures who are not Small or Medium). They have full cover from all attacks as long as the conveyance has any hit points remaining and all creatures outside the conveyance have full cover against them. As an action, a creature in stowage can exit the cargo and become a passenger if there is room for more passengers in the conveyance. Likewise a passenger can use an action to move into stowage.


Ram Damage
Vessel Size Ram Damage
Medium 1d10
Large 2d10
Huge 3d10
Gargantuan 4d10

Any vehicle that moves at least 30 feet straight into a position within 5 feet of an enemy vehicle can spend an action to ram that enemy with an opposed Intelligence (Vehicle Proficiency) check. Both the rammer and the target inflict bludgeoning damage on each other depending on their own size, see the ram damage table, but the target takes twice the listed damage. If the rammer has the Melee Attack modification, the target vehicle takes three times the listed damage. You cannot ram a vehicle two or more sizes larger than your vehicle, see crashes below.


A crash happens when a vehicle moves into contact with something at least two sizes larger than itself. A crash inflicts bludgeoning damage on the vehicle depending on speed. A vehicle that knows it is about to crash can reduce its speed accordingly, so crashes only happen when a vehicle is out of control or driven too hard. A vehicle with a speed of 30 feet or less takes no damage. A vehicle with a speed of 30-55 feet this turn takes ram damage. A vehicle with a speed of 60 feet or more takes ram damage once for very 30 feet of speed.

Vehicle Husks

Vehicles are quite large, and when they cannot travel under their own power are hard to transport. A disabled vehicle is not entirely destroyed, it is a husk of wood beams and planks. Such a husk can be transported at half speed as if it had the Pulled constraint or it can be carried as cargo.

As long as the husk of a conveyance is present, the creator can revive it using carpenter's tools and a spell slot of any level as outlined in the Personal Conveyance ability. If the husk is lost, it takes a week of work to build a new conveyance.

Vehicles Larger that Gargantuan

Vehicles can be larger than Gargantuan in size. In fact this is common, a ship or train is always larger than Gargantuan. But larger vehicles do not use these rules. Such vehicles are much less maneuverable than those covered here and are considered terrain.

Mundane Vehicles

These rules can be used to create vehicles that can be bought or crafted by any skilled creature, not just an artificer. Such vehicles must conform to the technology common in the setting.

  • A vehicle that can be built as a conveyance by a 3rd level artificer is a common item costing 100 gp.
  • A vehicle that can be built as a conveyance by a 5th lever artificer is an uncommon item costing 1,000 gp.
  • A vehicle that can be built as a conveyance by a 9th level artificer is a rare item costing 10,000 gp.
  • A vehicle that can be built as a conveyance by a level 15 artificer is a very rare item costing 100,000 gp.

Anyone skilled with the type of vehicle can pilot a mundane vehicle, counting as "you" in the text.

All mundane vehicles have an additional constraint that does not allow additional modifications. This is usually the crewed, pulled, road-bound, or sailed constraint.

Creating a mundane vehicle takes much longer than it takes for a conveyor artificer to create a conveyance, which is experimental and unstable. Attempting to sell a conveyance is futile, as it is nowhere as finished as a mundane vehicle and full of obviously unstable machinery.

Designer's Notes

This ended up as the skeleton of a vehicle system.