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(Skill Tricks can only be bought through feats, not with skill points)

Prestige Classes

Avenging Executioner: As described.

Battle Trickster: Not used.

Cloaked Dancer: As described, but see also Mystic Dancer.

Combat Trapsmith: As described.

Fortune's Friend: As described.

Gray Guard: Very world-specific, fits a world of gray ideals. Can exist in variants for variant-alignment paladins.

Magical Trickster: Not used.

Malconvoker: As described. Campaign specific.

Master of Masks: As described.

Mountebank: As described.

Psibond Agent: Usable with psionics. Could be modified to work with magic.

Spellwarp Sniper: As described.

Uncanny Trickster: Not used.


Luck Feats: You cannot take more than one luck feat plus one per three character levels.

Bardic Music Feats: All bardic music feats can always be used as a single daily use of bardic music. Some have variants that cost more; those variants still apply.

Banned Feats: The following feats are not used: Cool Head, Freerunner, Sweet Talker.

Skill Tricks

Skill tricks are feats, and are learned and used as such. Skill tricks with limited uses per day or which can cease functioning lose this limitation.

Banned Skill Tricks: Assume Quirk, False Theurgy.

Concealed Spellcasting: Unless you are casting defensively, you trigger attacks of opportunity in the normal fashion when using this trick. Even if foes cannot tell why you momentarily freeze, they can certainly exploit your lowered guard. You must always explain any components you use as a part of some cover activity; arcane words can be a part of a song or cuss, gestures can be innocent waving etc.


Enlarge Weapon: This spell gives you reach as if you were a creature of one size larger than you actually are wielding the enlarged weapon.


While the equipment described works, it might need to be invented and may not exist in a particular campaign world or might be a secret jealously guarded by a thief's guild or other clandestine organization. Check with your DM on what is available in his world.

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