College of Palinodes (5A)

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This is an original Bard subclass for 5A.

The College of Palinodes focuses on discrediting poetry and spells used by others. Challenging other colleges to battles of performance is only the beginning. Palinoders engage hostile spells with their music, twisting and seducing magic to their cause.

Greyhawk: Goblins and gnomes have been engaging in battles of insults and performance since time immemorial, and the same is true among the Flan. The college is yet to gain cosmopolitan recognition, but individual members have successful careers.

Subclass Features

Palinode Spells

Starting at 3rd level when you join this bardic college, you learn additional spells when you reach certain levels as a bard, as shown on the Palinode Spells table. Each of these spells counts as a bard spell for you, but it doesn't count against the number of bard spells you know.

Whenever you gain a bard level, you can replace one spell you gained from this feature with another spell of the same level. The new spell must be from the bard spell list.

Palinode Spells
Bard Level Spells
3 Absorb Elements, Identify
3 Silence, Warding Bond
5 Counterspell, Remove Curse
7 Aura of Purity, Banishment
9 Circle of Power, Dispel Evil and Good

Words of Rebuke

At 3rd level, when you or an ally within 60 feet fails a saving throw, you can spend an inspiration and add an inspiration die to the result of the failed saving throw, possibly turning it into a success. You can only do this once for each failed saving throw, but if you previously granted the creature an inspiration die and they used it on this saving throw, the effects stack. This does not require an action.

Repudiate Spells

At 6th level when you use Countercharm, you and any friendly creatures within 30 feet of you have advantage on saving throws against being frightened or charmed and against all spells.

Rebound Magic

At 14th level, when you successfully Counterspell another spell, you can immediately cast that spell against the original caster. You either use the spell slot you used with Counterspell or the spell's original spell slot, and the save DC is your Spell DC.

Designer's Notes

A bardic college focusing on defense against spells.