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The mallet can be a cudgel to the stout-hearted. -- St Cuthbert when ambushed while working.

The Club is not the official name, which is constantly in dispute. The Church of St. Cuthbert in Sasserine is one suggestion, the Consorted Guilds is another. As the affiliation was never officially named, The Club is an interim name, but it has stuck a note in the imagination of members and is likely to stay.

Symbol: A mallet. Either worn as a brooch, often combined with guild insignia, or brandished as a weapon.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: A working mans affiliation centered on the Cudgel district of Sasserine, The Club exists to represent the member's interests. It is both a consortium of guilds, a laymen's order in the church of St Cuthbert, and a worker's union.

Enemies and Allies: The club is divided between rich and poor members, and exists as a venue to sort out such differences. At the same time, they are all united in their work ethic, resentment of taxes, and suspicion of any authority not based on hard work. The Club is quick to unit against any external threat, be it a challenge from another group within Sasserine (in which case The Club closes ranks) or an external threat (in which case it seeks unity with the rest of the city).

Secrets: Few. The Club is an open forum for honest discussion, and spies have a ridiculously easy time finding out what goes on.

Class Notes: The club favors the Expert NPC class and the Prodigy class. Sponsors the Exemplar prestige class (Complete Adventurer).

Type: Business. While outwardly seeming to be a business or even a temple, The Club has an organization suitable for a government and could quickly assume executive powers if it had to.

Scale: 6 City

Capital: 11 (Gp limit 11,200, Assets 123,200 gp)

Affiliation Score Criteria: The Club values hard work and self-dependence, while at the same placing value on good relations with other affiliations.


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Effective character level. +1/2 levels
Inherent 0
Acquired 4
5 ranks in Craft or Profession +1
10 ranks in Craft or Profession +1
Skill Focus feat +1
Lawful alignment +1
Worships St. Cuthbert +1
Work 4
Running a business or holding an office (each year) +1
Raise children (each) +1
Member of militia, spend one day/week training +1
Adventure 2
Defeat brigands or thieves +1
Eliminate threat to Cudgel District or interests +2
Save Cudgel District +4
Penalties 0
Is chaotic -2
Is evil -2
Is nonhuman other than dwarf or halfling -2
Drunk and disorderly conduct -1
Breaks custom -2
Causes disorder -4
Convicted of crime -6
Indiscriminate destruction, even accidental -8

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: Advancement in The Club brings increased trust and self confidence.


Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Worker: Can hold employment in Cudgel District, but not fully trusted.
4-10 Mallet: Trusted member of the community. 3/4 price on mundane goods crafted in Cudgel district, when bought directly from the craftsman.
11-20 Cudgel: Trusted to hold positions of authority in the community and has earned the unconditional trust of your employees. Gain Leadership feat (or +2 unnamed Leadership score if you already have the feat).
21-29 Maul: Develop an eye for trouble and opportunity. +2 competence bonus to Leadership score and the Craft, Profession, Sense Motive, and Spot skills.
30 or higher Pillar: As a pillar of the community, you receive a +4 competence bonus to Leadership score and a +2 competence bonus on all Will saving throws.

Executive Powers: Crusade, Mint, Trade.

Peter Blood

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Two Affiliations -2
Level +5
5 ranks in Craft or Profession +1
Lawful alignment +1
Worships St. Cuthbert +1
10 ranks in Craft or Profession +1
Skill Focus feat +1
Member of militia, spend one day/week training +1
Defeat brigands or thieves (Killing floor) +1
Defeat brigands or thieves (The Lotus and the Dragon) +1
Defeat brigands or thieves (Bullywug gambit) +1
Eliminate threat to Cudgel District or interests (The Muster) +2
Defeat brigands (Tides of Dread) | +1
Defeat brigands or thieves (Depths of Rage) +1
Eliminate threat to Cudgel District or interests (Attack on Farshore) +2
Running a Business +1
Eliminate threat to Cudgel District or interests (Clean Isle of Dread) +2
Sum: 20