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This is a Druid circle for 5A.

Source: En5ider 9 under the name Circle of Birds and Beasts.

“Seek out the Brown wizard in the great wood, tell him of our need,” whispered the elf king.
“But sire, how will I find him?” Illuvian tentatively responded.
The king waved his hand dismissively. “He will find you; all the woodland creatures are his eyes and ears.

Druids in the Circle of Territory possess a deep understanding of natural creatures. They can use their powers to expand their knowledge of the world and to send messages. The creatures of their chosen wood, forest, jungle, coast, or desert are their friends, allies, and spies. The Circle itself acts as a vast network of linked human and animal minds, but its thoughts are unknown to civilization and its members often secretive and obscure.

This druid circle is very good at keeping watch over a large area and collecting information, less good at general adventuring.

Subclass Features

Circle Spells

When you join this circle at 2nd level, you learn spells from the spirits others fail to recognize. These spells become druid spells to you and are always prepared without counting against your limit on prepared spells.

Birds and Beasts Spells
Druid Level Spells
2 Animal Friendship, Beast Bond
3 Beast Sense, Summon Beast
5 Clairvoyance, Fly
7 Charm Monster, Guardian of Nature
9 Hold Monster, Insect Plague

Local Ally

At 2nd level, you gain the ability to call small local animals to your aid. You conduct a ritual which takes 10 minutes and consumes a use of your Wild Shape ability. At the end of the ritual a beast comes into your presence. The beast must be able to travel to you during the casting time of the ritual and be one you can Wild Shape into. It will stay with you for a number of days equal to your druid level. This allows you to slowly assemble a group of companions up to twice your druid level in number if you use all your uses of Wild Shape this way.

The beast has knowledge of local landmarks and flora and fauna within one mile per druid level. It is able to communicate this knowledge to you telepathically. However, its descriptions will reflect its animal nature and intelligence. It can scout for you return to report. When you gain the Agents of the Wild ability at level 6, it can report to you telepathically when in range.

The beasts leaves at the end of the duration or when you dismiss it as an action, but you can summon this specific beast again if it remains in the area. If the beast is far away from you this may extend the cast time; if the beast cannot reach you in one hour of travel the ritual fails immediately and your use of Wild Shape is not used up.

Tiny Messenger

From 2nd level onwards, you can call upon a tiny bird, insect, or animal to convey a message. This effect is similar to the Animal Messengerspell with the following differences: The duration of the effect, and therefore the distance which the messenger can travel, is one day per druid level. No spell slot is expended and you can use this ability at will.

Agents of the Wild

At 6th level, you are able to use nearby beasts as spies. You can telepathically speak with all beasts within a radius of 1 mile per druid level. The creatures report the presence of anything unusual, including all creatures that are not beasts. They will give an impression of direction, size and numbers, although they will not distinguish between friend and foe, or give more than a general description. Typical descriptive examples would be “a large group of angry men,” “elves traveling swiftly,” or “a black dragon”.

Mind of the Land

At 10th level, you can assume full control of the mind of a beast. As an action you enter a trance, during which you appear to be sleeping. While in this state, you cannot take actions, but you may instantly Dominate the mind of a beast with an intelligence score of 3 or less and a challenge rating no greater than your level within a range of 5 miles per druid level. You cannot pick a specific creature and need not even know a creature is available. Just specify a simple condition such as "the elk closest to Brown Hill" or "The most powerful beast within 1 mile". If no beast fulfills the condition the power fails. You assume control of the creature and are able to use all of its senses and special traits. This domination effect lasts while you spend an action each round to maintain your trance or until the creature dies, after which you exit your trance.

You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Proficency Bonus, regaining all uses at the end of a long rest.

Call Beasts

Starting at 14th level, you can use your action to call beasts to aid you. You can summon creatures with a total challenge rating equal to twice your level, with no creature having a challenge of more than half your level (thus you will call at least 4 beasts). The beasts magically arrive and act as allies to your party, attacking the nearest enemies without need for direction from you. You and your allies may use these creatures as mounts as long as they are at least one size category smaller than their mount. The summoned beasts disappear when unconscious or when you stop concentrating, as concentrating on a spell. You cannot use this power again until you complete a long rest.

Editor's Notes

The name was changed from the Circle of Birds and Beasts bot tho make room for the Circle of Beasts and because the new name is more descriptive. At the same time, several abilities got some polish.