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Chi is a power origin seeking to master the universe from the inside out - by mastering the self one gains power over the universe. It is introspective and requires meditation and concentration. The greatest power of Chi is always over your own body, often focused into stupefying martial arts maneuvers.

Alternate Names: Ki, Breath Control, Martial Arts, Centering


Creature : Folk
Skill : Maneuver
Attribute : All
Sense : Introspection, self-awareness
Mood : Disciplined, ordered
Blast: Blunt

Chi Cantrips

Basic Action

Chi allows great body control and awareness. It can be used to allow normally impossible body control, such as contortion, immobile levitation, suspended body functions, controlling normal body functions such as hair growth and skin pigmentation, ignoring hunger and thirst, and overcoming common cold and the frailties of age. It also allows an awareness of the body posture of others, giving insights into their powers, particularly Melee and Chi powers.