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Post-Candlekeep Rules

These rules do not apply in the current Candlekeep Mysteries campaign

Ability Scores

At the end of character generation, characters of all races gain a +1 to one ability score of their choice, not to exceed 16.

Hit Points

All characters have maximum Hit Points on each of their Hit Dice at all levels.

Benefits of Intelligence

To make Intelligence more beneficial to characters who do not have it as a class ability, all characters with 11 or more in Intelligence gain an additional spell, skill, or proficiency at level 1. You only ever get one such bonus, and later increases in Intelligence cannot change the bonus. Depending on your intelligence score, you can apply this bonus to different things. You get to choose one bonus available at your Intelligence score or lower.

11 Vehicle proficiency (land, water) or Gaming set.
12 Musical Instrument or a language spoken by a nearby population.
13 Brewer’s supplies, Calligrapher’s supplies, Carpenter’s tools, Cobbler’s tools, Cook’s utensils, Glassblower’s tools, Jeweler’s tools, Leatherworker’s tools, Mason’s tools, Painter’s supplies, Potter’s tools, Smith’s tools, Weaver’s tools, or Woodcarver’s tools.
14 Any language excluding secret languages and High Astral.
15 Alchemist’s supplies, Cartographer’s tools, Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit, Navigator’s Tools, Poisoner’s Tools, Thieves’ Tools, or Tinker’s tools.
16 Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion.

You do not require an intelligence score to learn these things in other ways.