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Greyhawk for 4E

Briaurs are fey with the bodies of deer and a small elfin torso where the deer's head would be. They are carefree but not very brave.

Racial Traits

Average Height: 4'8"-5'10"
Average Weight: 130-180 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Con, +2 Wis.
Size: Medium
Speed: 8
Vision: Low-light vision

Languages: Elven, Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Perception.
Quadruped: Briaurs have four legs, which makes them very poor climbers. A briar falls on any failed Athletics check to climb, and they climb at one-forth normal speed. A briaur is not suitable as a mount.
Quick bound: A briaur can use the quick bound racial power.

Play an Briaur if you want to:

  • Be carefree but instinctively cautious.
  • Play a fast hero who is always ahead.
  • Play a race that favors the cleric, ranger, and wizard classes.
Quick bound Briaur Racial Power
You move with extra speed, upper and lower body each acting on their own.
Minor Action      Personal
You move half your speed.

Physical Qualities

Briaurs are fey with the bodies of deer and a small elfin torso where the deer's head would be.

Their humanoid part is pink or tan, usually a brighter shade of the ruddy or brown fur on their deer lower bodies. Eyes and head hair is either the same as their fur color or sometimes of a sharply contrasting color, such as purple, dark green, or blond. They have large pointed ears, sometimes furred like a deer's. A few males have vestigial horns and small goatees. Females have humanoid breasts and no ewes.

Briaurs decorate themselves with body paint and fetishes made out of pieces of wood and bone; they are very fond of ribbons, scarves, long pendants, and other things that accentuate their speed when they run. Both men and women wear a sash around the torso for keeping small objects in; males tend to wear this over one shoulder while females wear it as a bustier. Briaurs do not like to wear anything on their deer parts, as such things can hindr their movement in an emergency.

Briaurs have short lifespans, becoming adults at around age six and considered old at 40. Exceptional individuals might reach sixty years of age, often living as recluses or hermits as briaur herds have little tolerance for infirmity.

Playing a Briaur

Normally timid and reclusive, a few are hit by wanderlust and explore the world. Cautions by instinct rather than reason, a briaur rarely worries about the future and never about the past; they forget insults and injuries with what might seem like callous disregard.

Briaurs sometimes live in pairs, sometimes in herds. A herd always has a male as the official leader, but his job is often just a front; important decisions are made in unison. Lower status males generally live on the outskirts of the herd, acting as scouts and watchmen. A herd normally subsists by gathering. Briaurs are mainly vegetarian, living off seeds, young leaves, sprouts, berries, fungi, and nuts. They can digest more types of vegetables than a human can and rarely cook their food, but they cannot live off grass or leaves. Many briaurs have taken to gardening. They can eat meat when they need extra energy for exertions like war or travel, but prefer not to; it is said that eating meat makes you dangerously foolhardy. An adventuring briaur will likely be a meat eater due to constant exertion.

Briaurs are named at puberty and names often reflect physical characteristics or traits or some notable deed or event.

Briaur Characteristics: Carefree, cautious, callous, flighty, forgiving.

Male Names: Darkbrows, Firstrun, Flamestride, Oak, Skipper, Stonehoof, Strongstride, Survivor.

Female Names: Brook, Flamehair, Soothing, Truespell, Whiterump, Whitesocks, Wisdom.


Swift Escape

Prerequisite: Briaur, Dex 13

Benefit: When an action allows you to move or shift a set number of squares, add one to the number of squares you can move or shift. Because of this you can shift two squares as a move action. This does not apply in situations that let you move or shift a distance based on your Speed.