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Attributes and Schticks

Body: 3-8
Mind: 5-10
Reflexes: 7-12
Move: 6



You can use hoots and howls as a means of echolocation. When you use Howl, you do a Scan using Impress. For the rest of the scene you gain a general awareness of the area you are in out to a hundred meters. You can perceive as well as normal sight at a range out to your Mind in meters, but you cannot distinguish color or shade, only shape and texture. While others can hear your howls, they are indistinct and do not tell them where you are, only that someone is howling in the area.


Basic Action

When two or more friends fight the same target as you in Melee can make a Normal Melee Attack with a +3 bonus to Melee against that target.


Basic Action

You can fly trough the air at your normal speed. You can either make a Full Move or a Normal Melee Attack while flying.

Flying is demanding. You cannot carry armor or a heavy load and can only use one-handed Melee Weapons or you will crash.


Small humanoid bats with flight membranes under their arms.


Bats are usually animal-like for Furreis, having animal faces and thin arms with wing membranes. Their hands have elongated little fingers for the wings, so they can only use four of their clawed fingers for manipulation. They are also short and sleight of build, About 140 cm long and weighting around 30 kilos.


Bats are different enough to call attention to feel most at home amongst themselves, meaning most of them are clannish and insular. Except for their wings, Bats are rather frail, so most Bats make as much use of their unique abilities as they can. They are commonly thieves, messengers, spies, or ninja.