Baklunish Traits

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Born in the Saddle

You grew up as a horse-rider, exposed to the exhilaration of riding despite your otherwise civilized background.

Benefit: Ride and Handle Animal are class skills for you.

Clarity of the Prophets

You spend your life in devotion to the gods and prophets of the people.

Benefit: When the DM thinks you are about to do an action that would be out of your alignment or break a code you adhere to, he should tell you and you have the option to cancel that action.

Desert Survivor

You have passed the desert several times, and have accepted its dangers and made peace with fate.

Benefit: Survial is a class skill for you. You gain a +5 trait bonus on Survival rolls in desert and arid plains terrain.

Horse Raider

You have learned the most important thing for a horse raider - speed.

Benefit: You gain a +4 talent bonus on initiative checks when riding a horse.

Mare's Milk

You were born among horses and fed mare's milk as a child. This gives you a special bond with horses.

Benefit: When you ride a horse, your mount gains temporary hit points equal to your Ride skill modifier. You can renew these temporary hit points as a full-round action, but this costs you one hit point.