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An auspex is a cleric focused on interpreting and implementing divine will. An auspex consults with the divine constantly, requesting and looking out for omens and portents in every situation. Her experience in reading the signs and omens of nature and deciding which are significant allows the auspex to coax fate.

Class Information

This is a cleric archetype

Hit Die: d8.

Class Abilities

The auspex has all normal class abilities, except as noted.


The auspex must select augury as one of his domains. This replaces one of the auspex's regular domains, but he need not have a patron that provides this domain.

Good Portents (Su)

By reading and interpreting portents, an auspex can coax fate three times per day plus an additional number of times equal to his Charisma modifier. As an immediate action, the auspex can add an +2 insight bonus to the result of a check. Good portents is used after the result of the roll is determined, likely changing the outcome of the roll. Good portents can modify attack rolls, caster level checks, saving throws, skill checks, and attribute checks. The auspex must see the target to be benefited and be within medium range (100 ft + 10 ft./caster level).

At 12th level, the bonus increases to +3. At 16th level, the bonus increases to +4. At 20th level, it increases to +5. Good omens replaces channel energy. An auspex can take the Extra Channel feat to gain additional daily uses of this ability.

Players and GMs both are encouraged to come up with ominous portents for this ability as a way to narrate the action, but this is not a requirement and in no way changes the effect of the ability. Observations like "she sheds a sudden unconscious tear looking at you", "you step on his shadow", "you see a black cat reflected in his polished shield", "a laurel leaf blows over her head", "he was the first one illuminated by the rising sun" and the like can be atmospheric or just feel like a waste of time, depending on the tastes of your gaming group.

Expiratory Divination (Su)

At 4th level, when a divination spell is cast and the result is unfavorable or the casting fails, the auspex can cast the spell an additional time and gain a second result. Only one additional attempt at each spell is allowed. This works even with divination spells that like augury and divination that normally have the same result on repeated castings. In the case of commune, this allows the auspex to ask another deity or power, who may be more or less knowledgeable. Spells like scrying that the target is normally immune to for a period of time after a successful save can be cast an additional time within this period. The second casting works normally, and may yield the same result as the first.

Bad Portents (Su)

Gained at 10th level, this is the same as good portents above, except that it subtracts from a check result instead of adding. Bad portents counts against the same daily limit as good portents.

World of Signs (Ex)

As he grows in power, portents come spontaneously to the auspex. At 14th level the auspex can call upon a spontaneous omen, one that is obvious and which he need not spend an action interpreting. Once per day, the auspex can use good portents without it being an action. This can be done at any time, outside the action economy, and regardless of surprise or conditions that would hinder an immediate action.

Greater Omen (Su)

At level 18, when a group of people all need to make a die roll in response to an event or as part of a collective effort, the auspex can use good portents (above), and add the level of the spell expended to the check each ally makes, as long as the rolls are all made in the same round. This can help with things like saving throws against spells with multiple targets, Swim checks to survive a tidal wave, or Strength checks to lift an immense weight. All affected allies must be within medium range (100 ft. + 10 ft./level).

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Channel Energy
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