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The Atomie is a fay from Beastiary 3.

This is built assuming the normal Atomie is a lvl 2 rogue with a PC-class profile. It ends up at 27 points, meaning it should sag 2 levels at lvl 1-5 and one level at lvls 6-10, which seems reasonable. As an alternative, abilities can be spaced over levels, as follows:

Lvl 1: Fly 30 ft. (poor), Invisibility 1/day, Dancing lights 1/day

Lvl 5: Fly 40 ft. (average), Speak with animals, Reduce person 1/day, Dancing lights at will, Quick reactions. (7 RV)

Lvl 10: Fly 50 ft (good), Invisibility 3/day, Shrink Item 1/day, Reduce Person at will (8 RV)

Fey +2 Tiny +4 Slow speed -1 Standard Ability scores +0 Fey Damage Resistance (2/iron) +1 Spell Like: Invisibility 3/day +4 Spell Like: Shrink Item 1/day +3 Spell Like, At will—dancing lights, reduce person +3 Spell Like, At will (Speak w animals) +2 Fly 50 ft. (Good) +8 Quick Reactions (Improved imitative) +2

Str -4

Dex +4

Cha +2

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