Armored Fist (Dragonstar)

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The Armored Fist are awarded to troops brave or desperate enough to destroy vehicles in close combat (often using greandes, explosives or even melee weapons). Tank kills using anti-tank weapons (cannon, missiles, etc) are rewarded by the Silver Skull.


The character must have assaulted and disabled an armed enemy vehicle. The vechicle must have posed a threat, as determined by the commanding officer. The medal is awarded 3rd class for 1 kill, 2nd class for 10 kills and 1st class for 100 kills.


The Armored Fist 3rd class is a stylized metal gauntlet made of silver. The 2nd class medal is a gauntlet holding twin thunderbolts, and the 1st class medal is a gauntlet holding thunderbolts framed by a laurel wreath. The medal is worn with a black ribbon with white and red stripes.