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Virtually every Osirian tomb contains images of the jackal-headed god Anubis, the god of mummification and protector of tombs. He presides over funerals and embalming, and guides souls to Osiris to await their judgment in the afterlife, punishing tomb robbers and defending the dead on their journeys. Anubis is the son of Osiris and Nephthys, and assisted Isis with Osiris's mummification. Like his father, Anubis frequently comes into conflict with Set, particularly regarding that god's association with undeath. As a guardian of the dead and their tombs, Anubis frequently works with Isis, Neith, Nephthys, and Selket, who protect the canopic jars containing the organs of the deceased. Anubis usually appears as a man with jet-black skin and the head of a jackal, though he sometimes takes the entire form of a jackal.

Taking the form of the jackals who threatened him as an infant, Anubis protects the soul on its decent to his father Osiris and guards the resurrected soul just as he guarded his father from Set.

Clerics and paladins of Anubis dedicated to destroying undead creatures wherever they find them. Anubis is the patron of embalmers, and priests and embalmers typically wear wolf masks that cover their entire heads in honor of their god.

Alignment: LN god of burial, the dead, funeral rites, mummification, and tombs.

Weapon: Flail.

Symbol: Black jackal head.

Animal: Jackal.

Pathfinder Domains

Death (Undertaker), Earth (Metal), Law (Inevitable), Protection (Defense, Purity), Repose (Ancestors, Gravekeeper).

Pathfinder Traits

Eyes and Ears of the City Your religious training was entwined with your work serving the city watch of a large city, the primary duty of which was standing sentinel on a city wall. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception checks, and Perception is always a class skill for you.

Slayer's Oath You have sworn your life to stopping the propagation of the undead; your patron has heard and approved your choice. You gain a +1 trait bonus on weapon damage rolls when battling the undead.

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