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Animal Transformation

Publisher: Legendary Games.

Are you a humanoid miraculously transformed into a small animal, or the other way around?

In situations of high stress you transform into a small animal. When you take this curse, pick any animal that can be a wizard's familiar. You transform into this shape, as beast shape II (su). You have no control over this transformation.

The following conditions trigger a forced change: confused, covering, disabled, entangled, exhausted, frightened, grappled, paralyzed, panicked, or stunned. As soon as you suffer any of these conditions, you immediately transform. The transformation negates the condition that triggered it. Once you have transformed, you can be affected by these conditions normally if you encounter them again.

If you are caged, bound, or otherwise restrained this also triggers a transformation.

Escape Artist becomes a class skill. As a part of the transformation, you can use Escape Artist with a +10 circumstance bonus to try to escape confinement that can be escaped using the Escape Artist skill. You do not automatically escape restraint as the bonds magically adapt to your new shape on a failed roll.

A forced transformation lasts as long as the condition would have lasted, with a minimum transformation time of 1d6 rounds and a maximum of 1 hour.

You can speak and satisfy verbal and somatic components when transformed by the curse. To cast a spell while transformed you must succeed on a concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) or the spell is expended with no effect.

At 5th level, you can change between your normal and animal forms as a standard action, except that you cannot change during a forced transformation. You gain Eschew Materials as a bonus feat and a bonus on Acrobatics checks equal to half the curse level in your animal form.

At 10th level, you gain the shapechanger subtype and can revert to your animal form on your next turn as a free action when affected by a polymorph or petrification effect.

At 15th level, immediately after transforming into your animal form, you can take the withdraw action as a free action.

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