Aligned Item (Action)

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Aligned Item

Item Limitation

The item represents some kind of dogma or ethos, it has a purpose. While such items are not Sentient unless they have that limitation, they are still strongly imbued with ideals. Examples of alignment can be ethical disposition, religious faith, virtues and vices, or specific enemies. Aligned items cannot plan, form opinions on their users, or otherwise be proactive; they only react to immediate events - unlike Sentient items.

  • Creatures of directly opposed alignment (opposing faiths, specific enemies) suffer a Hit each round they weild or use the item.
  • Using the item for actions going against it's alignment fail.
  • An action the wearer of the item takes that goes directly against the item's alignment suffer a -3 penalty, even when not using the item directly.
  • Interaction stunts against the wearer of the item that try to make him act according to the alignment of the item get a +3 bonus.