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Unofficial rules compendium
Ability Example Classes 21 Points
Moderate spell ability: Maximum of spell level 6 or 2 levels of magic use per 3 levels Bard 2
Arcane spells Sorcerer 4
Combat Ability
Per point of base attack bonus at level 4 3
Armor class
Each armor proficiency (light, medium, heavy, shield, tower shield) 2
Hit Dice
Per point of average die roll (rounded down) 3
Saving Throws
Each good saving throw category (Fortitude, Reflex, Will) 2
Skill Points
Every 2 skill points per level 2
Bonus Feats and Class Abilities
Every 5 entries in the Special collumn not covered elsewhere; extra-powerful entries (sneak attack) count twice 2
Multiply potions Alchemist 1