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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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One-handed fusion] melee weapon

Hands: 1H
Size: Medium
Tech: Fusion
Type: Melee
Range: Reach
Damage: +4 Blunt
Properties: Great blow, entangle, intercept

The Afflox is a spiked metal ball attached to a foot-long haft by a variable-length wire. It is a favorite weapon of some techno-barbarian gangs.

When stored, the wire is retracted and the weapons appears to be a mace. During combat the wire is deployed, and the operator swings the ball in a circular motion, lengthening the wire to send the ball crashing into the target. This results in range and a kinetic boost. A skilled operator can strike a target up to ten feet away, and can also use the Afflox to trip or disarm.

Note: This weapon appears in the novel The Face by Jack Vance.