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Greyhawk for 4E

Aeries are diminutive fey, full of wonder at the world. They often latch on to a larger companion and go exploring the world. Aeries are cheerful and curious and enjoy putting larger creatures in their place. They are perfectly capable of realizing the seriousness of a situation, but live in the moment and won't let future problems bring them down.

Racial Traits

Average Height: 4"-8" (10-20 cm)
Average Weight: 2-3 ounces (30-85 grams) .

Ability Scores: +2 Dex, +2 Cha.
Size: Tiny
Speed: 2, Fly 5 (Hover, Altitude limit 1)
Vision: Normal

Languages: Elven, Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Stealth.
Tiny: You can move into squares occupied by allies and enemies, and and must enter an enemy's square to attack in melee. You provoke opportunity attacks normally for doing so. You have only a fraction of the normal carrying capacity, but aerie gear is correspondingly lighter; count your carrying capacity and the weight of armor and Aerie-scaled general gear (not weapons) in ounces instead of pounds. Aeries suffer a -5 penalty on Strength checks to interact with the environment.
Buzzing Flight: You can fly, but only one square off the ground. This places you within reach of almost all attacks. You can still use flight to cross difficult terrain, water, and other hazards. When in flight, you dart rapidly about and take up space as if you were a Small creature. You take up a 1 square space and cannot end your movement in the same space as another creature. You have normal reach, can make melee attacks against adjacent creatures, and flank creatures normally. As long as you are flying at height 1 or less, you can make opportunity attacks normally; if you fly at greater heights you cannot make opportunity attacks.
Fey Origin: Your are considered a fey creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Aerie weapons: You can only use certain weapons. You are not automatically proficient in these weapons. This is the list of weapons you can use an any special rules that apply when you use them.

  • The dagger.
  • The shortbow.
  • The sling.
  • One-handed weapons with the offhand quality, which you use in two hands.

Aerie Twinkle: You gain the aerie twinkle racial power.

Play an Aerie if you want to:

  • Play a small playful character that never ceases to wonder at the world.
  • Be able to appear and disappear at will.
  • Play a race that favors the rogue, ranger, and sorcerer classes.
Aerie twinkle Aerie Racial Power
You disappear in a twinkle of faerie dust.
Standard Action      Personal
Effect: You become invisible until you attack or until the end of your next turn.

Physical Qualities

Aeries are tiny fey, small enough to land in a human palm and have tall pointed ears, long thin limbs and a body of heroic proportions. They fly on gossamer wings trailing stardust.

Their skin, eyes, and hair have a wide range of colors, and can change over time. Aeries living among other humanoids tend to be similar to them in coloration and generally look like small fey imitations of their larger neighbors, adopting their style of clothing, which can often look quite humorous. Aeries living near dwarfs can even sport false beards. Aeries living in the wild have a wider range of natural colors, imitating local flowers or other natural phenomena, with skin in pale pastel hues and hair and eyes of bright primary colors. Such wild aeries often go naked or dress only in garlands of feathers, leaves and flowers.

Aeries have lifespans comparable to humans. They are egg-laying, planting their egg in flower-buds where they magically gestate and hatch as the bud goes into bloom. At least, this is what scholars think; aeries themselves rarely discuss the matter.

Playing an Aerie

Concerned with enjoying fun and beauty, aeries are creatures of conflicting drives. They always seem childish and naive, but it is hard to tell if this is an act or not. In certain circumstances they can be very adult and calculating under a childish facade. Generally stay-at-homes who enjoy the good life, they can be intensely curious when not overtaken by shyness or laziness. Aeries sometimes get attached to larger folk and follow them around, often adopting manners and outfit similar to their companion.

Aeries prosper in any place of great natural beauty or that satisfies their curiosity. A few aeries even live in cities, usually as invisible observers. In areas dominated by evil they sometimes maintain small hidden havens of beauty. Aeries love to craft beautiful and intricate things, and can get mesmerized by artful devices.

Aeries prefer to remain out of sight of combat and only fight if their chosen glade or nest is threatened. Even then, their reaction might be to run to larger allies for help. When they do fight, aeries present a brave front and advance with spells and weapons at the ready.

Aerie Characteristics: Curious, playful, chatty, nimble. Aeries are creatures of whim, and can shift from shy to extrovert or from lazy to energetic on a moment's notice.

Male Names: Acorn, Brook, Buzzer, Greenhood, Leaf, Sparkle, Sureshot, Tallears, Thorn, Zap.

Female Names: Belle, Dew, Honeycup, Mist, Petal, Rosie, Star, Twinkle.


Power Flight

Prerequisite: Aerie

Benefit: you gain the use of the aerie power flight feat power.

Aerie Power Flight Aerie Feat Power
Wings buzzing, you rise above your normal altitude limit.
Move Action      Personal
Effect: You take a normal flying move and ignore the altitude limit on flight until the end of your turn. If you end your turn at too high an altitude, you float gently to the ground.

Fast Flight [Aerie, Paragon]

Prerequisite: Aerie, Level 11

Benefit: Increase your flight speed by two.

True Flight [Aerie, Epic]

Prerequisite: Aerie, Level 21

Benefit: You ignore the altitude limit on flight.

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