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The Badger is the primary Armored Personnel Carrier used by the Imperial Marine Corps. It is designed to be transported and deployed by Dropship, and is generally a superior vehicle compared to the APCs used by the Legions.

The Badger has two weapons - a double laser cannon in a rear (360°) turret and a laser minigun in a front (180°) turret. In addition, there are four firing ports on each side and two to the rear, through which the crew can fire personal weapons while receiving 90% cover. These gun ports are normally closed.

This vehice seats 8 troops at full capacity. Sometimes passenger seating is taken out in favor of additional cargo. It also has a command position, from which a commander can monitor the tactical situation. The Badger can be pressurized to operate in a vacuum or to keep out toxic substances, but lacks an airlock and must be depressurized if the gun ports are to open or personel are to exit the vehicle in a vacuum. It is standard procedure to suit up and depressurize the vehicle in vacuum combat operations, to avoid the risk of explosive decompression.

The Badger has a meager cargo capacity, and most of this space is dedicated to specific cargo. See APC Cargo. Once this space is taken into account, only 1,000 lb. of cargo space remains.

Badger APC: Huge Vehicle; hp 180; Top Spd 13; Acc 3; Dec 4; Hand 0; Sensor +2; Stealth 15; AC 10 (-2 size, -5 Dex, +7 natural, +7 armor); SQ vehicle, hardness 17; Fuel 250.
Stations: Pilot 1, Gunners 2, Commander 1, Passengers 8
Cargo: 1,000 lb - see APC Cargo
Cost: 79,097 cr.
Weapon: Double Laser cannon; Fire Arc: turret; Attack bonus +4 (targeting computer); Damage 6d10 x2; range 10
Weapon: Laser minigun; Fire Arc: Front turret; Attack bonus +2 (targeting computer); Damage 3d10; range 4

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