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This is a Limitation for Action.


A certain item or material causes additional damage to you. Add an additional of attribute the attacker has to the damage rating, in this order Mind, Body, Reflexes. An attack cannot add the same attribute twice, so an attack that already uses Mind fro damage adds Body and an attack that already uses both Mind and Body adds Reflexes.

if the vulnerability normally does not cause damage, it deals damage equal to the user's Mind +2. If there is no attacker but a natural phenomenon, such as sunlight, the damage value is your Mind +2.

If you are vulnerable to interaction Stunts of a certain kind, any successful interaction of the type you are vulnerable to causes an automatic setback.

Your vulnerability can be to almost anything. Examples follow:

  • Holy symbols.
  • Some metal (e.g. silver, gold, cold steel).
  • Specific flowers or herbs (wolvesbane, garlic).
  • Types of wood (ash, jew).
  • Certain books (bible, koran, torah, pulp novels).
  • Certain weapons.
  • Specific words.
  • A portrait of an old love.
  • The bones of a former victim.
  • Direct sunlight.
  • Running water.
  • Dogs with angel eyes (dark circles around the iris).