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Analyze Time


You have a perfect internal clock and call always tell local and global time, even when involved with time dilation, time travel, and other confusing circumstances. You can analyze the properties of time in your vicinity. You learn and whether it has been affected by any powers recently. These ripples are easy to detect, but hard to pinpoint. The GM should give you warning well ahead of time when you encounter someone using Time magics other than time sense. Distance is about ten meters or minutes per point of Mind you have. You can increase your sensitivity by setting up chronal disruption detectors; this is mainly a plot device which can be used as an adventure hook against time-using rivals.


Limit Break

You recreate a place out of history, restoring ancient glories to fallen ruins and resetting traps and inanimate guardians. Anything that has been destroyed, worn out or fallen into decay in the location is restored; objects that were taken away are not. Some specific eternal guardians may be restored as well, but generally, mortal creatures are not affected. This is great for adventures in exotic past locations, looking for treasures in buried palaces and so on. The difficulty does not depend on the amount of time bridged, but on the connection between the present time and place and your target. So, if you want to travel to the time of Ancient Egypt, go to the pyramids. You must research the time you want to go to and its relationship to your own time, finding the exact spot and time when time shift is possible. This must be done as a part of the preparations for an adventure, in collaboration with the GM. If you manage to come to the specific time and place and use this power, the story usually depends on this effect, and thus it works. Otherwise, it fails.

Restore Object

Limit Break

You restore a personal device, man-sized or smaller object, or small piece of scenery to an earlier state. The GM might allow you to affect larger objects with additional work. Pick a point in the past (usually when the object or device was new and in pristine condition) - the object is restored to its state at this time. You have an intuitive feeling for the state of the object at various times, but exacting work requires more detailed study. You can only restore parts of the object that are available; you can reconstruct a piece of paper from the component molecules among the moldering earth it has been buried in, but if half the object is missing you cannot restore the missing part. You can destroy an object this way, reverting it to its components just before assembly, but you cannot go any further back than that. Besides repairs, this power can be useful for restoring evidence and examining the object at various times. Affecting an object in the possession of another creature requires that you be within reach and succeed on an Create vs. Dodge roll. Affecting a mechanism, such as a lock, uses the normal difficulty for that kind of stunt; you are considered qualified to manipulate whatever you are trying to restore.

Time for Work

Limit Break

You can create more time for an individual, giving him more time for work, sleep, play and leisure. It seems time never runs out for this guy, though he moves no faster than usual. This is usually done to benefit yourself, but you can affect another, or even s small group as long as they stay together during the entire period. Add your Mind to his effective Body for Endurance. It effectively lets a character work two jobs in one day, or to adventure and still work normally. This can involve small time-leaps of a Mind hours at most. Generally this aspect of the power is ignored, but it can sometimes be used as a tool or hook in an adventure, with the GMs active cooperation. If someone under Time for Work ever get spotted by his old self, he takes one Hits per round of such contact.