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Resize Object

Basic Action or Finisher

You change size of an object, making it larger or smaller. The target can be a set of linked objects, like an outfit with accessories, or a bag full of stuff. The difficulty is the Body of the object. This lasts for the rest of the scene but becomes a Curse when used as a Finisher. You can set up a condition, such as an action or command word, that ends the resizing.

Changes will change the item's Body score. Check the Body and Mass for the Body of objects. You can change the target to a Body no higher than your Create, and you can modify the Body by up to your Create.

Restoring a shrunk object is not an action (it is the equivalent of drawing a weapon), and can be a part of a stunt, such as using Create to place a barrier or trap, or releasing a great gout of smoke or flame to Impress.



Instantly Teleports items from your wardrobe onto your body from any distance. Replaced objects are teleported to your wardrobe. The wardrobe can be in an extra-dimensional space if you have access to one from other abilities. You can replace any number of items at once, as long as they are all personal equipment you can carry.

If an item has been stolen from you, make a opposed Create check against the current owner to take it back. If it is currently being worn by someone else, Requip automatically fails. If this power fails, you are no longer considered the owner of that particular outfit until you recover it normally.

Requip is an unusual stance in that the entire effect occurs on activation, it effectively has no duration and cannot be made permanent. Neither does ending the stance have any effect.

Teleport Barrier

Basic Action

You ward an area against teleportation, placing symbols that disrupt teleportation attempts. Any attempt to Teleport into or out of the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but made an awful noise and dazed the teleportee, making him loose all shots for the first round.

Teleport barrier covers a radius equal to your Create roll and lasts for a scene. If the anti-teleportation symbols are incorporated into the decor of a place, or even hidden into the walls, the Teleport Barrier lasts as long as the symbols remain.

Teleport Circle

Limit Break

You can create and use a Teleport Circle, a beacon that can be used as the target for long-range teleport powers.

A teleport circle must be tied to a clearly visible, odd-looking material object, and creating this object is not a part of this power - it is usually done using mundane Create techniques. The durability of the teleport circle depends on the materials used - a chalk circle is a lot easier to destroy than a circle of standing stones, but also much faster to set up.

A Teleport Circle lasts until you remove it or it is dispelled. You can only keep one Teleport Circle running at any one time and cannot create a new one if this would exceed your limit. You can learn this power several times; your limit on how many teleport circles you can maintain is the square of the number of points spent on this ability. Any teleport circles you were maintaining when you die become permanent, lasting until destroyed.

When you vist an existing teleport circle you can bind to it, adding it to your repertoire of teleport destinations. Such found circles do not count towards your limit.

Finally, you can use this power to teleport between two teleport circles you are bound to over any distance.

Teleport Lock

Limit Break

You lock a Teleport Circle, preventing its use to anyone who does not know the secret password you set or possess a gate key you created.

Alternatively, you can place a Trap on the Teleport Circle. You can make the trap so that it only affects either those entering or those exiting. Note that it is actually possible to place a beneficial effect as a gate trap; for example a trap that turns those exiting an underwater gate to fish.

One gate can be both locked and trapped, but you cannot place a lock on a locked circle you do not have access to or second trap on a trapped circle.

Teleport Lock is a Curse on the Teleport Circle. Breaking the curse can either destroy the lock or give the curse-breaker a key to the lock. It is possible to bypass Teleport Lock using Disable Mechanism, but not to remove it that way.