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Teleportation is the instantaneous transportation of objects and or creatures from one place to another. It is tied to the form Space form, but some teleportation powers are available to other forms as well. Most teleport powers use the Move technique.

Teleport can be disruptive to the story, letting players easily get into or away from situations they are not expected to. To counter this, the GM is encouraged to use fiat and plot devices to prevent abuse. Any kind of protection against powers prevents teleportation, and it it generally impossible to teleport into or out of a stronghold; it is a means of travel. Teleportation is also noisy; this can be the physical noise of displaced air, or a mystical sense of foreboding and wrongness; anyway bystanders and guards are easily alerted by teleportation.

In general, teleportation has tactical and strategic applications; it works in combat, and it works for long distance travel. What its bad at is intrusion and sneaking.