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Main article: Powers (Action)

Instant Action

Basic Action

One ally gets a burst of extra time and can immediately take one Basic Action or add three to their shot counter. Remember that the shot counter can never be higher than the current shot. If the target has Reflexes higher than your Maneuver, you must succeed at a Maneuver check against their Reflexes in order to affect them.

Task Prediction

Basic Action

A specialized prediction effect where you look into the future to see the most opportune way to do specific action. This makes the task Routine. If conditions change before you use this bonus, it is lost, so task prediction is usually best used in the same round. In order for another character to get this bonus, you must somehow transmit the information—such as by giving them advice. This only works on tasks that require direct action—it cannot help on Knowledge or Contact checks. It can be used for defense values, but that must be specified when the power is first used.

Time for Action

Basic Action

Up to Mind allies of you within Maneuver meters makes their next Initiative roll as a Closed Confident roll.

Time Stop

Limit Break

You stop time for everyone except yourself. Make a Maneuver check against the highest Reflexes among the opposition. If you succeed, you have a number of shots equal to the outcome where only you can act. Treat this as a separate round that is played out right now and where only you have an initiative count. Once your extra shots are spent, play resumes where it was. During this time, there are some special rules.

  • You cannot focus during a time stop, and you cannot use time stop continuously.
  • The only creature that can act or be directly affected by actions or events is you. All other characters are frozen in time and immovable and invulnerable. There minds are not there to be interacted with, and they cannot perceive anything.
  • You can move (but not damage) nonliving, unattended objects by conscious effort. Objects do not move except when you move them. Even a flying or falling object is frozen in mid-air. An object you move this way loses its kinetic energy and, if unsupported, falls to the ground when time resumes.
  • By setting up an object to trip or hider a creature, you can do so a Trip stunt with a +3 bonus, whose effect is applied after the time stop ends.
  • Because creatures cannot perceive you, you can do a Sneak stunt with Confidence.