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Floating Disc

Basic Action

You create a disk of force that floats under your command and can carry passengers or cargo. The disc has a Body equal to your Ride skill, Move equal to yours and carries things like a creature of its Body. It is a flat or hourglass-shaped surface whose exact form you can control as long as its no more than 2 meters in diameter. If you sit on the disc it works like an open vehicle, if you move independently it trails after you. You can remote control its movement as a basic action, but it never moves more than Mind meters away from you. You can dismiss it as a basic action, and it disappears if you create a new one.

Survival Sphere

Basic Action

You create a force field around a creature whose Body does not exceed your Ride. This field conserves the environment around the creature, maintaining ambient temperature, pressure, radiation, humidity and other environmental factors conductive to survival. The field negates any problems with buoyancy and is similarly non-hampering in other environments. The field does not protect against damage, interaction, or attacks of any kind, but neither is it damaged by such things. The survival sphere lasts for a scene and can be renewed.


Basic Action

You can move objects and creatures, even very heavy objects. Make a Ride check against the target's Dodge. On a success the target is unbalanced and loses one shot and Telekinesis ends. On an Outcome matching the target's Body the target is also suspended and unable to move around under its own power until you the end of the round, and you can move the target with a Move equal to your Mind. The an inanimate object has zero Dodge and Body depending on its mass. If you use this to move a heavy object into position to drop it as a missile or use it to ram, it is highly inaccurate; use your Mind as the attack skill doing Concussion damage equal to your Ride skill.

Telekinetic Flight

Basic Action

This is intended as a travel power useful in chase scenes and somewhat impractical for ordinary adventuring.

You take off and fly through the air with a Move equal to your Ride skill. You must continuously use this or rely on another flight power to remain airborn. If you don't, you sink towards the ground at a rate of Ride meters per shot expended on other actions.