Magic Weapon Abilities (Dragonstar)

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This page describes abilities for magic weapons. The list is by no means complete, but is intended to be a useful guide for players who wish to upgrade their character's equipment.

Ability Reference Summary Bonus
Anarchic DMG Weapon counts as chaotic. Adds +2d6 damage against lawful opponents. +2
Axiomatic DMG Weapon counts as lawful. Adds +2d6 damage against chaotic opponents. +2
Balanced (1) AEG Weapon counts as one category smaller. See below. +2
Bane DMG See DMG. +1
Blessed (2) DaS Weapon counts as good. Threats versus evil targets are automatically criticals. +1
Brilliant energy DMG Melee, thrown or ammunition. Ignore physical (but not natural) armor. Can not harm undead or constructs. +4
Corrupt (3) DaS Weapon counts as evil. Threats versus good targets are automatically criticals. +1
Dancing DMG See DMG. +4
Defensive fire GG Ranged. Does not provoke attacks of opportunity. +1
Distance DMG Ranged. Doubles range. +1
Eager AEG Melee. Grants +2 bonus to owner's initiative check (does not need to be held). Can be drawn as free action. +1
Energy flux GG Ranged energy. As free action, select electricy, fire or sonic damage. +2
Flaming DMG Adds +1d6 fire damage. +1
Flaming Burst DMG As flaming. Adds further +1d10 fire damage on successful critical hit (+2d10 for x3 crit etc). +2
Frost DMG Adds +1d6 cold damage. +1
Ghost touch DMG No miss chance against incorporeal opponents. +1
Holy DMG Weapon counts as good. Adds +2d6 damage agains evil opponents. +2
Icy Burst DMG As frost. Adds further +1d10 cold damage on successful critical hit (+2d10 for x3 crit etc). +2
Impact AEG Bludgeoning. Doubles crit range. +1
Ki focus DMG Melee. Monks can use ki-based special abilites with weapon. +1
Keen DMG Slashing or piercing. Double crit range. +1
Mighty cleaving DMG Melee. Grant one extra cleave to users with the Cleave feat. +1
Merciful DMG Add +d6 subdual damage. All damage is subdual. Can be turned off. +1
Precise AEG Ranged. Bonus as Precise Shot feat. + 1
Precision targeting GG

Ranged. Cover bonuses are halved. Stacks with Crack Shot

Proficient AEG User does not suffer nonprofiency penalty. +2
Pulsing GG +2d6 electricty damage to robots, soulmechs, vehicles and technological devices powered by electricty. +1
Rapid fire GG Ranged autofire. Can fire up to five rounds per burst. +1
Returning DMG Thrown. Thrown weapon returns to user at start of his next turn. Free action to catch. +1
Seeking AEG Ranged. Negate miss changes for concealment. +1
Shock DMG Adds +1d6 electricity damage. +1
Shocking burst DMG As shock. Adds further +1d10 electricity damage on successful critical hit (+2d10 for x3 crit etc). +2
Speed DMG One additional attack at full attack bonus. +3
Spell storing DMG See DMG. +1
Thundering DMG Adds +1d8 sonic damage on critcal hit (+2d8 for x3 crit, etc) +1
Unholy DMG Weapon counts as evil. Adds +2d6 damage against good opponents +2
Vorpal DMG Slashing melee. Decapitate foe on natural 20 plus successful confirmaion of crit. +5
Throwing DMG Melee. Wepon can be thrown with a range 10. +1
Wounding DMG One point of Constitution damage per hit. +2


Some weapons have a requirement listed in in italic at the start of the description field. If so, ability is only available for weapons of this type.

Ranged Weapons and Ammunition

Unless noted, a ranged weapon bestows an ability on its ammunition.

(1) Balanced

This is an adaption of the ability described in the AEG to our current Rules for the game. House rule:

A weapon counts as one class smaller (support -> two-handed, one-handed-> light).

(2) Blessed

This ability is identical to the first level paladin spell bless weapons. A ranged weapon bestows this ability on its ammunition.

Availability: This ability can only be enchanted by paladins, and they seldom learn item creation feats. As a result, this ability is quite rare. In the Dark Star campaign, this ability is normally only available to paladins in good standing through their church or order (much like divine spellware). Enchanted weapons with this ability may be available through black-market dealers.

(3) Corrupt

This ability is identical to the first level blackguard spell corrupt weapons. A ranged weapon bestows this ability on its ammunition.

Availability: As for blessed weapons, but normally available to blackguards only. See above.

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