Gnomes (Greyhawk)

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Greyhawk (Action)Greyhawk Arms

Less tinkerers and inventors, more tricksters and craftsmen than in other worlds.


These are changes to the Gnome race as presented in the pathfinder SRD.

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Gnomes are robust and quick in mind, but their small size gives them less leverage and pure physical force. They gain +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, and -2 Strength

Cultural Traits

Witty, Humorous, Caring, Inventive.


Experimentation, Fetishes, Bisexuality, Foreplay, Interspecies sex, Recreational sex, Roleplay, Sex toys.


Domination, Sado-masochism.


Casual relationships. Child care is seen as a profession and child support is a matter for the clan; often one or several gnomes will rear all the children, with other gnomes taking turns to help and socialize. Children are seen as an asset, never a burden. What outsiders see as a large family is often in fact a live-in adoption agency with professional parenting.


Gnomes favor the magic of deceit and trickery, tough there are gnomes of all the magic-using classes.


Garl Glittergold leads a small pantheon of tricksters and craftsgnomes.

Name Rank Alignment Sphere Domains
Baervan Lesser NG Adventure, Thieves Animal, Plant, Trickery Gnome
Flandal Demigod NG Metalworking Fire, Metal, Strength Gnome
Garl Glittergold Greater NG Gnomes, Wit, Illusion, Jewelry Good, Protection, Trickery, Craft, Illusion Gnome, Elder
Segojan Lesser NG Earth, Nature Earth, Summoning, Illusion Gnome
Ulaa Intermediate LG Hills, Mountains, Gemstones Earth, Good, Healing (Restoration) Law, Protection (Purity) Oerdian, Dwarf, Gnome, Flan
Urdlen Lesser CE Evil, Greed Cavern, Celerity, Evil Gnome


Animal Friend (Racial)

Brastlewark Businessman (Racial)

Burrowing Friends (Racial): You gain a +2 trait bonus to Handle Animal, Ride, and Wild Empathy checks against burrowing animals, such as badgers and dire badgers.

Dabbler (Racial): Select one first-level illusion spell from any spell list. Add this spell to your class' spell list.

Rapscallion (Racial))

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