Canister Ammunition (Dragonstar)

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Canister Ammunition are large-bore cartridges designed to be fired from a GrenadeLauncher. They cannot be thrown like regular grenades. The canister cartidge detonates in the barrel, and most have an template area of effect. Canister Ammunition is commonly used for close quarters combat.

If not template weapons, Canister Ammunition has a range increment of 50 ft.


Elemental effects that fire either a line 60 ft. long and 5 ft. wide or a 30 ft. cone, doing 3d10 elemental damage, with a Reflex save (DC 20) for half damage.

Red 30 ft. cone 3d10 fire
Blue 60 ft. line 3d10 electricity
Green 30 ft. cone 3d10 acid
Black 60 ft. line 3d10 acid
Brass 60 ft. line 3d10 fire
White 30 ft. cone 3d10 cold


This is a huge shotgun shell. The effect is similar to a CAW shot. Damage is 4d10/3d10/2d10/1d10 bludgeoning, range increment is 50 ft.


A huge slug (available in hollowpoint, stun and explosive versions). The stun version is often used by police. Damage 4d10, range increment 50 ft.


Creates a cone of webbing similar to that of a web spell.

A web cone in front of you is difficult to use, since it blocks line of sight. A grenade version would be more useful for riot control. Glop grenades instead? --Urban

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