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Heroic Action Role-Play

Bears have a marked resemblance to Ogres, at least in game terms.

Attributes and Schticks

Body: 9-12
Mind: 4-6
Reflexes: 2-6
Move: 6


Limit Break

You can perform prodigious feats of strength. Add 5 to your Body for a single task, such as a single attack or a mighty feat like lifting or breaking something. You can take a Basic Action as a part of this Limit Break, and the benefits apply only to that single Basic Action.



When you take a Hit, you can focus.


Basic Action

Make a Melee attack with a damage value of Body +4. A creature taking damage from this loses a shot from its shot counter and is thrown one meter per Hit inflicted.


Big and still cuddly, bears are dangerous and unpredictable.


Bears are anthropomorphic, but close to their animal kin. Under all that fur, they are pretty man-like, but with their fluffy pelts and rounded ears and snouts they look cuddly.

Adult bears stand as tall as two meters and weigh up to 250 kilos.


Bears are slow and driven by habits. Most are brutes by custom, living by intimidating smaller creatures. Some are feral beasts, a few are idyllic barbarians living in harmony with nature. Bears can become reasonably civilized. Bears are loners by nature. They can be part of a group, but require quite a lot of personal space even then.