Alternate Skill Bonuses (Apath)

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Unofficial rules compendium
Skill (Subskill) Normal Key Ability Alternate Key Ability
Acrobatics Dex Str
Appraise Int Wis
Bluff Cha Int
Climb Str Dex
Craft (Smith of any kind) Int Str
Craft (Fermenting) Int Wis
Craft (Any other) Int Dex
Diplomacy Cha Wis
Disable Device Dex Int
Disguise Cha Wis
Escape Artist Dex Con
Fly Dex Con
Handle Animal Cha Wis
Heal Wis Int
Intimidate Cha Str
Knowledge Int Wis
Linguistics Int Wis
Perception Wis Int
Perform (comedy, dance, keyboard, string) Cha Dex
Perform (act, percussion, oratory, wind, sing) Cha Con
Profession (courtesan, gambler, innkeeper) Wis Cha
Profession (farmer, miner, soldier, woodcutter) Wis Str
Profession (other) Wis Int
Ride Dex Cha
Sense Motive Wis Cha
Sleight of Hand Dex Cha
Spellcraft Int Wis
Stealth Dex Con
Survival Wis Con
Swim Str Con
Use Magic Device Cha Int
  1. You can't add the same ability score to a particular skill twice. This limits the combinations with effects like the Intimidating Prowess feat.
  2. A skill that changes what attribute it is connected to is counted as a skill of the new attribute when making skill checks, but not for other purposes. See Paizo errata. Note that a skill that has a primary key attribute that is Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution suffers from armor check penalties, even if used with another attribute as an alternate key ability. An effect (such as rage) that prevents the use of skills tied to a certain attribute always refers to the original attribute of the skill.
  3. Skills with several subskills (Craft, Knowledge, Perform and Profession) have certain subskills with different alternate key abilities. If a specific subskill has a different alternate key ability, you cannot use it with the common alternate key ability.
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