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This is the world of my Al-Qadim campaign, but it's not the Forgotten Realms.
(May Fate judge that netherworld live up to it's own name, and stay forgotten!)

The world of Al-Toril is a combination of several AD&D campaigns, all integrated into a single world. Click on the map to gain further information.

The blue parts are Zakhara, detailed in the lore of Al-Qadim. It is the Land of Fate, the Flower of the World, and the home of enlightenment.

The red parts are uncharted territories, of which little is known, humbly submitted by the cartographer without consulting The Authorities.

The green parts are the lands of Cerillia, detailed in the lore of Birthright. It is a land low in bakara, where each lord must hoard his own power to survive. It is the home of the Khinasi, descendants of colonists from Zakhara.

The yellow parts are the lands of Mystarra, the Known World. A land of great contrasts, and partly enlightened. The cartographers of that land usually depict it upside-down, and give an entirely different accounting of the nearby island of Alphatia.

The violet parts are the violent lands of Kara-Tur, the oriental lands. A land of strange gods and even stranger philosophies, as yet unenlightened.

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