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Optional: Infantry Tactician

At first level, the officer has the option to replace the Mount ability with an improvement to the Tactician ability, gaining another bonus Tactical Feat and one additional use per day of the tactician ability and using the tactician ability can be done as a part of a charge action or ready action when on foot.

Drill Recruits

At 4th level, the officer can drill low-level members of NPC classes to function as decent soldiers. With a week of drill (8 hours per day), the officer can train members of NPC classes to become 2nd level. Any levels added this way are in the warrior NPC class, and NPCs with the commoner class can exchange commoner class levels for warrior class levels. The officer can train a number of recruits equal to his level times his charisma modifier (minimum 1/level) at once time. The level these recruits achieve increases by one for every 4 levels of the officer. An officer with the Leadership feat is assumed to use this ability on any of his followers who are low enough level to be affected. This replaces the expert trainer ability.

Freezing Charge

At 20th level, when the officer makes the attack that is part of the charge action, any enemies within 20 ft. of the officer must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + ½ the officer's level + the officers Charisma modifier) or cover for one round. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

A covering creature is frozen in fear and can take no actions. A cowering character takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class and loses his Dexterity bonus (if any).

This replaces the Supreme Charge ability.