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The Sciences skill replaces most variants of the SRD Knowledge and Research skills.

Sciences (N/A)

Sciences represents the results of higher education and experimentation. If you have a science specialization that covers what you are seeking, you get the information with a swift action. The detail level you get depends on how specific you specialization is and/or how many specializations you have that overlap. This is always a GM call.

Without any applicable specialization at all (i.e. when effectively unskilled), you are limited to the most basic information, that basically anyone would know. Like all such general knowledge, it will almost certainly be misleading or even flat-out wrong.

The difference between Knowledge and Sciences is mainly a matter of taste--both work in the same way.

  • Examples of general specialties for the sciences skill: biology, botany, chemistry, genetics, archaeology, xenobiology, medicine, forensics, physics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, theology, and criminology.
  • Example of more specific specialties for the physics specialty:

thermodynamics, nuclear physics, wave-motion physics.

If you have a general specialization and access to a research library, you can usually get more specific information in a few hours.

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