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Greyhawk for 4E


Good of light, knowledge, and perfection, Rao is a strict disciplinarian that demands devotion and diligence. He is responsible for chronicling the world and knows and cherishes traditions and history. His worshipers are scholars, lawyers, nobles, and paladins. His teachings are very clearly put down:

  • Respect elders and the law. To break with tradition is to lose connection to history and truth.
  • Chronicle every event and seek and preserve lore. Knowledge is power, and knowledge lost forever weakens the universe.
  • Knowledge is the fruit of labor; do not squander it upon the unworthy.

Rao is also known as Lendor, the father of the Suel pantheon. Dwarfs name him Dumathoin the lord of secrets. His exarchs pursue different aspects of his portfolio – the most famous is Vecna, the lord of evil secrets. Delleb is the Oerdian god of intellect and study. Pholus is the Oerdian god of law and by extension of ruleship, a strict disciplinarian.

Divine Harmony Feat Power
Brings harmony of purpose to like-minded allies.
Minor Action      Close Burst 10
Target: One ally

Effect: If you have at least three allies in the burst, grant one of those allies a +2 power bonus to the first attack roll or skill roll he or she makes before the start of your next turn.