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In many horror campaigns, there will be no need for any horrific races. Everyone is human, whether investigator, hunter, or monster chow. Others will be all-vampire, all-werewolf, or whatever monster type catches the fancy of the GM. Finally, some will be mix-and-match, with just about any supernatural being playable.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. Powerful as they are, mages, demons, and undead are still puny before the uncaring might of great Cthulhu. When the stars are right, the true horrors are always victorious.

The Sleepers

  • Human: Most of the supernaturals, and all of the awakened, were humans once. In a hunter/investigator campaign, an ordinary human is the only choice available.
  • Ghoul (tainted): Enslaved by the addictive properties of vampire blood, these humans are slowly turning into mockeries of their masters.
  • Kinfolk: Lots of potential, but quite ordinary until that power is realized as a werewolf. There are both human and wolf kinfolk.

The Awakened

Sometimes humans awaken from the Dream, to experience a greater part of Reality.

  • Awakened (awakened): Most humans that awaken (and they are few indeed) discover wondrous, but quirky, powers. The most well-known examples are the magical girls of Japan.
  • Dhampire (monstrous): Some unliving beings, like yang-aspected kuei, can reproduce with a human. The offspring is a dhampire, a living being with some of the powers of the undead.
  • Mage (awakened): The vast majority of true mages are reincarnated magicians from Atlantis and Mu, awakened as so many times before to continue their war of creation.

The Possessed

  • Fomori (spirit, tainted). A human overcome with taint and possessed by a bane spirit. Unable to function in normal society and hunted by all, most are Pentex special operatives and shock troops. Fomori powers are varied and sometimes powerful, but tend to bring further ruin and taint until they simply self-destruct.

The Created

  • Promethean (living construct): Butchered corpses reanimated by alchemical flame to walk the earth, soulless but sentient. Abominations in the true meaning of the word, their very presence poisons everything near them.

The Transformed

It's not about what you do, it's about what you are. And you are a monster, hiding among and feeding from humanity. You were once human yourself, but somehow you transformed into something else.

  • Changeling (fey): Sometimes the true fey kidnap or lure humans to faery. Some manage to escape, horribly changed by their experiences. They are tainted by their former masters, and have taken on some of their traits. Some of their beauty. Some of their power. Some of their unbounded cruelty.
  • Kuei (undead, vampire, zombie): When people of asian descent are refused entrance into the Jade Kingdoms, they sometimes return to reanimate their bodies. They animate themselves with stolen life, draining blood or chi, or even eating their victims alive.
  • Revenant (undead, zombie): Some people just can't stay dead. There is something that they just have to do, someone that has to die, or some other driving reason that provides enough power to reanimate their corpse. Regardless of what drives them, no revenant can outstay his natural lifespan.
  • Succubus (fiend, shapechanger): Originally from some unknown place in the shadow world, these seductive fiends use humans to feed, reproduce, and provide entertainment. They are rare, but immortal.
  • Vampire (unliving, vampire): Vampires have stopped living, but are able to prevent death by stealing the life of others. There are vampires all over the world, divided into lineages called clans.
  • Werewolf (shapechanger, spirit): When a wolf-spirit fuses with the soul of a kinfolk, that kinfolk becomes a werewolf. At first transforming only under the full moon, but gaining more control as he grows in power.

The Aliens

While there are indeed aliens walking the earth, they are alien. Most are servants of the Great Old Ones, but even those that are independent, are ultimately unable to understand, be understood by, or care about, humans.

Not all these aliens came from the stars. Some where here before humanity (or even before the dinosaurs). Some came from strange places beyond the shadow world. Some came from beyond time itself.

Modern Horror

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