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This is a collection of information for Hastur Wiki authors and users.

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Register using your first name, nickname or full name (with space). There is no need to use underscores or CamelCaps. The space will be converted to an underscore in the URL, but will not be displayed in links or the title of your user page.

If you register, please create a user page for yourself, even if it is empty. Note that other users can leave messages for you on your talk page. You can edit your preferences to receive email notification of any updates to your talk page, or to pages in your watchlist.


See also: MediaWiki Editing

Manual of style

The Hastur manual of style is based on that of Wikipedia. The wikipedia style rules applies to this unless noted. Some of the rules have been clarified below.

See also: Wikipedia Manual of Style


Do not create empty or very short pages ("stubs")! Instead, create a page with several list entries (such as characters in a campaign), and move the entries to separate pages when they contain more text. Short pages should be tagged with the {{stub}} template.

Page intro

Do not start pages with a header! Write a short introduction; a sentence or two should be fine.

Header levels

Top level headers (=Page=) corresponds to the page title, and should not be used in articles! Articles should use level 2 headers (==Section==) and lower.

See also: MediaWiki Formatting


The use of title case in page titles and headers is a legacy of the WikiWords used on the old PhpWikis. Sentence case makes it easier to write links and looks less distracting in texts. Avoid title case unless the page name is an actual title, such as the name of an episode or a character. See below for examples.

Sentence case Rituals in development
Title case Rituals in Development

Pages with game terms will often be in title case, though.


See the version page a list of installed extensions.

Private Page Protection

Using the Private Page Protection extension, pages can be restricted so that they are readable only by registered users, or even smaller groups of users. The most likely use is to protect pages that contain copyrighted rules text.

Example: To restrict pages to registered users:


This can be seen in use on {{Savage Future Handbook}}.

See also: Private Page Protection

Labeled Section Transclusion

Labeled Section Transclusion can be used to include parts of another page. This differs from using a page as template in that it is possible to include different parts of the same page.

See also: Labeled Section Transclusion

Magic words

Magic words are strings of text that MediaWiki associates with a return value or function, such as time, site details, or page names.

Example: Magic words used on the main page include {{SITENAME}} and {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}.

See also: Magic words


{{DISPLAYTITLE}} can be used to display a different title than the full page name. Use responsibly and remember to change the displayed title if the page is renamed! The recommended usage is to hide a suffix.

Example: On United States (Savage Future), the title is displayed as just United States without the (Savage Future) suffix. Code:

{{DISPLAYTITLE:United States}}

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