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A ghoul is a mortal that drinks vampire blood regularly, and gets some of the special powers of the vampires. Unlike vampires, they are not harmed by sunlight, and can work and travel normally during the day. Almost any mortal being, including an animal, can become a ghoul.

Ghoul (Template)

Ghoul is a bestowed template. To turn someone into a ghoul, a vampire must feed the target some of his blood, and want to turn the target into a ghoul (spend an Action Point). Without that conscious act of Will, no ghoul is created. Once ghouled, the target must continue to feed at least once a month, or all benefits are lost.

A mage can become a ghoul, but gets a Will save (DC 15) to resist.

Template Traits

Ghoul is a template that can be added to any animal, vermin, human or near-human, hereafter referred to as the ghoul. The ghoul uses all the character's previous statistics and special abilities, except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: +0.

Special Abilities: Ghouls have the following powers.

Unaging: As long as he is supplied with vampire blood, the ghoul doesn't age physically. When one lunar month has passed since the last feeding, he ages one year per day until his physical and chronological ages once more match. This rapid aging stops if the ghoul gets more blood, but it is not reversed.

Really old ghouls do get the aging bonuses to mental attributes.

Allegiances: A ghoul always gains a very strong allegiance to its keeper, the vampire that provides it with blood. It is a slave, and can only give token resistance to its master, if that. Other allegiances are forgotten.

Ability Scores: The ghoul gets +2 Strength.

Skills: A human that becomes a ghoul keeps his extra skill points.

Feats: A human that becomes a ghoul keeps his 1st-level bonus feat.

Taint: A ghoul has minimum corruption and depravity scores equal to the number of centuries it has lived. The demands of the master tends to drive depravity much higher than this, however.

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