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The Vehicles skill replaces Drive and Pilot. It is used to operate any vehicle.

Vehicles (Dex; Vehicle Size Modifier)

Routine tasks, such as ordinary driving, don’t require a skill check. Make a check only when some unusual circumstance exists (such as inclement weather or an icy surface), or when the character is driving during a dramatic situation.

All PL5 air vehicles and spacecraft requires training to pilot.

Whenever you make a Drive check, the vehicle's size modifier is added to your check.

Avoid Collision: You can make a DC15 Drive check as a reaction to reduce or negate the damage from a collision.

Dogfight: When operating a flying vehicle, you can make a Drive check as a standard action to engage in a dogfight.

Engage the Enemy (Trained Only): When driving a vehicle in combat, you may choose to make a Drive check instead of an Initiative check.

Escape Grapple (Trained Only): The pilot of a starship can make a Drive check to escape after being held or immobilized by another starship’s grapplers or tractor beam.

Increase Vehicle Speed (Trained Only): You can make a DC20 Drive check as a swift action to make your vehicle perform beyond its normal limits. You can't take 10 on this check.

Ram: You can make a Drive check as a full-round action to intentionally collide with your target.

Special: You can take 10 on a Drive check, except when attempting to increase a vehicle's speed. You can’t take 20 on a Drive check.

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