Domain Devotion (D&D feat)

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Your devotion to your patron goes beyond the norm and grants you a domain.

Prerequisite: Patron deity, same alignment at patron deity, spellcaster level 1+, Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks

Benefit: Choose one of the domains of your patron deity. Learn the granted power of the domain. Add the spells of this domain to your spell list and are learned and cast in the usual way. If you are an arcane spellcaster, these spells become arcane spells, tough they may still require a divine focus to cast and always require a divine focus to prepare. If you are a cleric, this gives you a third domain, whose spells must be prepared in your domain spell slots.

Special: If you grow lax in your faith or violate the alignment of your patron, you lose the benefits of this feat. If the granted power of your domain grants an improved version of the turn/rebuke undead ability (such as the sun domain), you instead gain the ability to turn/rebuke undead once/day at your class level. This feat can only be taken once.