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The Crafts skill replaces most Craft variants and many uses of Forgery.

Crafts (Int)

This skill is used to determine the artistic qualities of works of art. When attempting to create something, the character simply makes a Art check, the result of which determines the quality of the work.

Appraise (DC 15): With a successful Art skill check, you may appraise a work of art to determine its market value.

Forgery (Trained Only; Opposed, Perception Check): With a successful Art skill check, you can produce a forgery of another item. The general effectiveness of your forgery is only determined when there’s a chance for an observer to determine the authenticity of the work. At that point, you must make a Art skill check opposed by your opponent’s Perception skill check. If you are successful in your opposed skill check, then your forgery indistinguishable from the original item by the observer. The GM can modify either the Art or Perception check based on the conditions and the characters’ familiarity with the original subject.

Skill Check Result Effort Achieved
9 or lower Untalented amateur
10–19 Talented amateur
20–24 Professional
25–30 Expert
31 or higher Master

Visual Art (DC 10+): This skill allows a character to create paintings or drawings, take photographs, use a video camera, or in some other way create a work of visual art.

Unless the effort is particularly elaborate or the character must acquire an expensive piece of equipment, the basic components have a purchase DC of 5.

Creating a work of visual art requires at least a full-round action, but usually takes an hour, a day, or more, depending on the scope of the project.

Writing (DC 10+): This skill allows a character to create short stories, novels, scripts and screenplays, newspaper articles and columns, and similar works of writing.

Creating a work of writing requires at least 1 hour, but usually takes a day, a week, or more, depending on the scope of the project.

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