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Greyhawk for 4E


Beory is the Oerth mother, the nurturer and provider. Without her, no life could exist. She is also the goddess of fertility, the sea, and of agriculture. She refuses to love any of her children less, embracing them even if they plunder and despoil her bounty, but not all her worshippers are so merciful. Her faithful are druids, farmers, rangers and everyone who lives in nature. The tenets of her cult are:

  • Live close to nature to experience the wonders of Oerth.
  • Take of Beory’s bounty, but not more than she can sustain.
  • Recognize nature in yourself, and live according to the demands of your body.

Many primal spirit-worshipers revere her as an embodiment of the world and revere here even if they don't revere other gods. In this aspect she has entered the common pantheon as Oerth. She also has many avatars, having befriended, loved, nurtured, or been plundered by almost everyone in history. All the major peoples have an avatar of her in their pantheon. She almost always appears as a female, but to the Suel, he is Llerg, the simple but lovable rival of Kord. Dwarves know her as Berronar the patron of safety and marriage, gnomes as Segojan goddess of the earth, halflings as Sheela Peryroyl goddess of agriculture and weather. Oerdians recognize her as Ulaa, the god of hills and the wealth they contain. She has a single famous exarch, Berei, the first queen of the earth according to the Flan.

Divine Bounty Feat Power
Sends a tide of healing energy to aid you or a bloodied friend.
EncounterDivine, Healing
Minor Action      Close Burst 5
Target: You or one ally in burst; bloodied target only

Effect: The target gains regeneration 2 until the end of the encounter or until he or she is no longer bloodied. If you are 11th level or higher, this power grants regeneration 4 instead. If you are 21st level or higher, this power grants regeneration 6 instead.