Transmute Chi (Action Powers)

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Lessons of Nature

Basic Action

When you are faced with a physical obstacle or dilemma, you can look inside yourself for the perseverance to succeed. You can use your observations of events mundane and dramatic to help you overcome physical challenges (such as a chasm too wide to leap, a door too heavy to open, or a stone to big to smash) or practical problem (the solution to any Create task).

Use this when you fail at such a task. Each scene, you accumulate perseverance to overcome your problem. This means that when you return you get a cumulative +1 bonus on any skill roll needed and on any Attribute used for the task for each scene that has passed (max +5). Giving up the task or finishing the story that gives the task means you have to start over, and you can only focus on one task at a time this way.

In some cases, the GM can make the bonus conditional on events or observations you make or even make the task into a role-playing one, making success automatic once you gain certain insights.