Sons of Boccob

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Greyhawk (Action)Greyhawk Arms

Magic is the source of all. Without magic, the world becomes bleak and dead. The highest purpose possible is the spreading of magic.

Symbol: A blue rod or crystal.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Sons of Boccob exist to further magic, and do this by spreading magical knowledge, services and wares. Seeing magic as a benefit in and of itself, they care not how it is used. They will trade with anyone and provide services to everyone.

Enemies and Allies: The Sons have a reputation as the richest merchants in the land, and this of course attracts thieves and opportunists. They also face serious if temporary opposition from temples and other seeking to control the free distribution of magic items across the Flanesse. Generally, they can count on the protection of adeventurers of all stripes; tough costly such help is generally efficient in the extreme and can eliminate most problems in short order.

Secrets: The Mecanes of Mechanus are the secret masters of the affiliation; the network of magic item trade is ultimately controlled from there.

Classes: The Sons of Boccob favor wizards, but allow other arcane spellcasters, merchants in magical wares, and clerics of Boccob to join. They sponsor the Mystic Theurge prestige class.

Type: Cabal

Scale: 18 (Planar)

Capital: 20 (gp limit 440,000, assets 7,920,000 gp)

Executive powers: Assassinate, Craft, Pariah, Research, Trade.


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 levels
Inherent 0
Acquired 5
Able to cast identify +1
Able to cast analyze dweomer +1
5 or more ranks in Spellcraft and Appraise +1
Each item creation feat +1
Work 3
Research new spell and not keep it secret +1
Teach magic to apprentices or students +1
Start up a center or guild for magical learning +2
Adventure 2
Undertake a dangerous trade expedition in magic wares +1
Save a magic school or magical teacher/craftsman from harm +1
Penalty 2
Refuse to even try to provide magic items/services to a paying customer who is not blacklisted -1
Be exposed providing fraudulent magical items/services -2
Destroy a permanent magic item -1


Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Apprentice: Able to cast detect magic once per day.
4-10 Initiate: Able to cast detect magic at will.
11-20 Keeper: 25% discount on one magic item purchase per week; this is mostly used for re-sale at full price.
21-29 Provider: 25% discount on all magic item purchases.
30 or higher Ultimus: 40% discount on all magic item purchases.